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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has arrived, when the cattle start escaping

No fail, every spring, a cow (or bull) jumps over the fence.

Yesterday ushered in the first day of spring for us, as Winston, our 2 year old bull jumped the fence into the garden. He was so excited he decided to take on our young fruit trees, pick a fight with Husband, and taunt me. He also decided that the potato beds where a wonderful place to not only roll in, but to dig his horns into and fling compost and potatoes everywhere.

Once we got him back in, we had to take care of all the damage, luckily it wasn't too awful, and repair the fence.

Other than that, it was a lazy day with the dogs.








HermitJim said...

This time of year does seem to make 'em frisky, doesn't it?

The dogs look like they are dearly loving this weather!

Odysseus said...

When I was young my parent's had the only pasture livestock would jump INTO.

Several different cattle and the same donkey twice.

Phelan said...

They are all loving it Jim. Makes a homesteader happy.

Odysseus, lol. Well at least I don't have that happening.

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