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Friday, January 06, 2012

The Vintage Food Processor, my favorite kitchen gadget

Well, my favorite second only to the popcorn popper.

I don't think I have told you guys about this. I am sure many of you have one. I have had mine for a year now.

Yes, an old school salad shredder. I simply love this thing. Boys enjoy shredding potatoes.

I got mine for under $40. But when I went pricing them here awhile ago, they ranged from $50- $200. 

We shred just about everything now that we have it. I had tried the food choppers and those hand crank food processors, you know those white ones with the attached bowl. But I always ended up breaking them rather quickly. I break anything with plastic parts, not on purpose mind you. This one is in it for the long haul, especially since it was made in 1960.


Jeannie said...

I had a plastic gizmo like this - with metal inserts but it got smashed up in the drawer I kept it in. I'd forgotten all about it. I thought this was a meat grinder at first - I have a very old one of those I never use. I'm not even sure where it came from.

Mamma Bear said...

I used to have one of those. I wonder if I still do and it is packed away somewhere. I suffer from CRS

I do remember I got mine about 30 years ago as a gift for hosting some home party for cookware. I loved the thing at the time and don't know why I quit using it.

Lamb said...

I have one of those! I found the old box with instructions!...when I was homeless and living in a tent in NC. On certain days of the week, everyone would put out their trash and recyclables on the curb. I used to check the recyclables for anything useful. In one pile, I found the shredder, two lovely blankets and a handmade ceramic bowl. I hauled it all back tomy tent. I still have the shredder, though, alas, I lost the box and instructions. I LOVE that shredder!

Odysseus said...

Cool, my mother used to dual purpose what is now called the "slap-chop" to wake people up from naps.

Anonymous said...

I share your tendency to break plastic tools. I am a very cheap person, but when it comes to tools I've found that it's an utter waste to buy crap. Better to buy an "antique" for less than the cost of the new tool than to buy a piece of rubbish. It only encourages the jackasses who make kitchen tools for the 1% who only uses them to can just 4 pints every five years. I need a workhorse, not a show pony.

Phelan said...

Jeanie, no plastic parts on this thing, but I have seen them with it. It's great to have around, make shredding and slicing go a lot quicker.

Mamma Bear, sounds like you might need to dig it out. :D

Lamb, great story!

odysseus, I tried one of those slap chop thing. You can't clean them very well, and they stick, grrr. but I bet would be useful to wake someone up.

Danny, I hear ya! I have an older post wiht pictures of my hands all cut up from a plastic handled corer/ slicer that I was given by someone as a present. It didn't hold it's own on 50lbs of apples and I had well over 400 to process.

Billy said...

Hey there. It's been awhile. Just catching up on some of your posts. Glad to see you doing well! Happy New Year!

Phelan said...

Billy! Last time I checked you had seemed to have disappeared. Glad to see things are going well (just looked at your blog) have missed you.

Pamela said...

I love that your processor stays on the counter TOP. I have an old fashioned one that has to go on an edge to use. But I like mine too. The older stuff is so much better than the stuff they have around now.

Carole said...

My current favourite kitchen gadget is a jar key

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