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Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Malady of Melodrama

Husband got sick, I cared for him.
Small and Medium got sick, I cared for them.
I got sick, everyone left. Isn't that how it usually works?

If I wasn't such the white trash flatlander, the next accident wouldn't have happened, or is it if I wasn't such the white trash flatlander the accident could have been worse?

I run around barefoot all the time. Only putting boots on when I must. I have been this way since I was a child. The other day I was in the porch/bunker and felt a prick on the bottom of my foot. Felt like a sticker (long horn burr), but only just stuck. So I wiped the bottom of my foot off on the step, typically this will dislodge a precariously held sticker. But that didn't work, and the spot began to burn. Slowly, I could feel it burying itself into the bottom of my foot. Almost a perfect circle of physical pain. I sat down quickly and dug my fingernails into the spot, seeing nothing that would be doing this. I grabbed the Bactine spraying the spot and cooling it off. Turns out I had stepped on a hot ember that had jumped out of the fire as I had tossed on a log. First, good thing the floor is dirt, and second, my feet are so calloused that within a few hours no damage was detected. The callouses had saved me.

Yesterday I made an attempt to create a video post.  Bob Dole was up to no good and ran the calves into me. Of course he stood a few feet from me looking all innocent. I tried again, and Urth decided to be all affectionate, and lick the skin off my arm. And once across my cheek for good measure.


johnnyb said...

And it wasn't even Monday.

Stephen said...

Ouch. Sorry. When I was a child barefoot was the norm. Now, boots only.

Odysseus said...

Ouch, firewalking is best done under training and supervision.

Phelan said...

And don't forget bigger coals.

HermitJim said...

See? Being a tough ol' country girl has once again come in handy!

Like you said, good thing for the dirt floor!

Have a better day, my friend!

TransFarmer said...

ouch, glad you're okay. sorry you got sick, glad to hear you're doing better

kymber said...

jeesh...when it rains, it pours. pray for snow.'

so sorry me darlin! your friend,

Basic Humanity said...

'Oh yeah, I trod on a hot ember and it got stuck in my foot. No big deal. Walked it off.' That's you! Freaking robo-homesteader.

Glad you're feeling better. You should take vengeance on them all. I'm sure you could make it creative ;)

Phelan said...

I think someone missed all those post where I am crying like a blubbering baby. :D

Anonymous said...

You would have heard me two counties away. I am a big wussie.I talk tough but truth is I'm a wuss. Please be more careful.

the rat

Phelan said...

No worries Rat, I tend not to make the same mistakes.

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