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Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Listings confusion

Someone, pointed out that I am listed under gardening, and here I am talking about violence.

I am actually listed in all sorts of places, gardening, construction management, cooking, do-it-yourself, frugal, farming, alternative, survival, crafts etc. . .

Here's the rub, I didn't list myself in them. I listed myself in only two places, under homesteading and personal journal, and I have only received a couple of hits from those places. Wonderful readers list me in other places, like stumbleupon, pintrest,  and blog rank are the most popular. Many of these places do not list homesteading or farming as a general listing, so many blogs like mine end up under gardening. Some times when a person asks to list a blog, the listing employees look at that blog, and if you have been talking about gardening for that week, the employees label the blog as such. (and I have looked at the blog rank listings, they have my numbers way lower then they truly are)

The most hits I see in a day are about butchering, as several e-how posts link to them.

So, now you know.

This is a personal journal that talks about everything. If you want gardening come back in mid march.


Stephen said...

It's okay, I'm listed under 'one of them dudes.'

Phelan said...

giggle. Well I list you under "one of them better guys"

johnnyb said...

Makes no difference to me. I will read your posts no matter what they ar listed under.

Jane said...

I don't know what I'm listed under,I post about different things too.I like your blog so to me it really dosen't matter I will read your blog post's anyway! Blessings Jane

HermitJim said...

I don't know exactly where I'm listed, and probably don't want to know!

Heck, I may not even be on any list! Either that, or they just haven't figured it out yet!

We know where to find you regardless!

Carolyn said...

Well, you know, if you're under "gardening" or "butchering", that IS the only thing you do 24/7/36, right? Because to do anything else would be false advertising? Hmmm.

Oh wait, the things you are doing would be called LIFE.

TransFarmer said...

Can I nominate you for this:

thought I'd ask before I did it.

Phelan said...

Thanks guys. I did try once to list this blog under lifestyle, they moved it to personal journal.

Trans, If you would like, I am fine with it. Thank you.

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