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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Day in Pictures

Some window art by Jack Frost

window ice

front window ice

Snow blots out the sun
blotting out the sun

Not sure why the turkeys hid in the dog run, so many other places the could have gone

5 foot snow drift
5 foot snow drifts

don't buy this de-icer
Deiceer stops working

Bob Dole and his ladies
BobDole and ladies

Edie in the snow

What you don't see in these pictures is the 45mph winds and the small grain like snow tearing at exposed flesh.


qandlequeen said...

OMG. I LOVE that you named your ram Bob Dole. Great pictures. Stay warm!

Rae said...

The turkeys look disgusted. :) Great pics!

Kelle said...

We don't have the snow, but woke this morning to temps. outside of
-22F with added windchill of -45 to -50. Let me tell you it is miserable and thankfully it's supposed to be moving out of MT, heading East( sorry to those East of us) thus the reason for the wind!

Turkeys are dumb, ours have shelter, but rarely use it. It's bedded mice and blocks the wind, has a heavy duty roost and yet they choose to roost out in the weather and frigid temps*sigh*
Our cattle don't want out of their barns today, so we'll leave them in.

Our windows look the same

Bundle up and stay warm

SciFiChick said...

Jack Frost is quite a talented artist isn't he?

SkippyMom said...

Amazing pics - especially the windows. That is cold Phe.

Poolad and I love the pic and name of Bob Dole. Cute.

Hope you are staying warm and the weather lets up soon

FancyHorse said...

The frost patterns are very pretty!

Bob Dole, LOL - too funny!

I hope you and your family will be warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! So much beauty....

Zev said...

What is that blue stuff in the de-icer photo? Is that a water bucket de-icer that isn't de-icing?

Phelan said...

Yes the blue thing is a floating tank de-icer. The first one we bought shorted out and was shocking all the animals, I got bit when I tried to figure out way the animals weren't drinking. I figured it was just an oddity and we bought another, this one seems to be working intermittently and can't keep up. We have plans in the works to do something else to keep the water thawed. Right now we just have to break through the 4" of ice.

Phelan said...

The boys named him Bob Dole. I think they did it just to have good neighbor tease me as he hears me scolding Bob Dole in the field.

"Bob Dole, STOP IT!" "Bob Dole I will eat you!" "BOB DOLE!"

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