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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Off To Town I Go

Thick white fluffy snow began falling late in the evening. There are times when you can’t help but hum the song “winter wonderland” while looking out your window. That morning was such a moment. The evergreens stood erect, covered in the white fluffy stuff, they didn’t bow to the weather. Turkeys cowered half covered in snow in a corner of the yard, cows milled about, using the combination of fur and snow cover to keep warm against the -14F. A quick walk about told the story of frozen water, and cows breathing on the ice creating holes to access the lower water. Sheep behaving as sheep, skittish and lost, and chickens in the top level of their condo looking longingly after me, and roosters crowing echoes.

Noses like faucets, and coughs like a seal ransack the house, forcing me to leave in the inclement weather to seek something soothing for the suffers as what we had on hand did nothing. The roadways proved pleasant enough as long as no wind breaks were present. At times the hedge rows allowed deep drifts to form, causing a moment of anxiety on both my part and the cars. It wasn’t until I reach th store that the car decided to leave the roadway and slowly slide up hill. The store was warm, welcoming and few others within. The drive back from town to the homestead was a simple feat.

Yearning to merely slip into bed, cuddle up with my love and watch a cheap horror flick consumed me. But he wasn’t about to allow that to happen, and on the drive back into town, once again, proved a bit more disastrous. Gas lines began to freeze, thick ice hid itself under the fluffy snow, and the winds howled with laughter as it pushed against our red Thunder Bird and blinding us with snow. We arrived at our destination without harm, though sliding across the parking lot became my new winter dance. Once inside we asked for our packages, and was greeted with, “what did you bring to carry it in?” I was confused, carry it in, no one mentioned I need something to carry it in. “They didn’t bring nuttin!” “What you mean they didn’t bring nothing?” “They didn’t bring nuttin” They didn’t bring Nuthing?” “Put it in a trash bag?” “We will meet you out back.” I found it strange and a little insulting. I would assume that you would tell someone on the phone that your package was unwrapped, and needed something to be carried in.

We met them in the back of the Locker, snow still flew around us covering the tire tracks almost instantly. The temperature continued to drop as the morning turned to afternoon. The packages, now in a box and in a trash bag was placed into the trunk and we slowly slid back toward the homestead.

Home again, and I could unclench my fist. The box was taken to the shed, and the bag into the house. I cleaned my work space and went to gather the bag. It was too heavy for me to lift without hurting myself, so I left it where it lie. Opening the bag I was greeted by accusatory eyes, black and gleaming. I sighed, and Husband informed me that they could still see 12 hours after the deed. “But it hasn’t been 12 hours” I protested. Exactly came the reply.


SkippyMom said...

I read it twice and I am still a little confused. It is probably just me. [what's new?]

Just glad you are safe at home.

What exactly did you go to buy?

Phelan said...

It was Undies head.

HermitJim said...

Nothing like a little driving adventure to make you appreciate the home hearth!

Glad you made it there and back without much trouble!

Stay warm, and I hope that everyone gets better soon!

SciFiChick said...

I am at a loss for words. (and that's not an easy feat!) The eyes?!?

PS word verification is mimors, which for me is wayyy to close to mirrors.

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