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Friday, January 28, 2011

You tell me

Having another one of those moments where I have nothing too new to talk about. After 5 years of blogging, 10 years of homesteading, it seems I start to rehash thing already hashed. I realize that many of you haven't been reading for 5 years, and only a handful of you have gone back and read everything. To you wow! You impress me. You make me a little paranoid, but thrilled and amazed as well. That is a lot of posts to go through, especially every July where for 1 day I post 40 some odd post. And I appreciate it as well.

I did place an order for Black peppercorn seeds through whatcom seeds. The only place I could find the seeds that didn't have tons of negative reviews or BBB problems unresolved. I have been wanting peppercorn for a few years. I think the Box will work wonderfully for it. (lol ok the 60+ year old local weatherman just admitted to blaring AC/DC in the weather lab! Same guy that uses the term "Frog strangler" when we have a down pour)

Our taxes are done. Goody! Which means we can have a bit more funding for a few new projects around here. There is a cattle trailer we have our eye on that needs lots of work.

I finally got the water flowing to the cattle tank! Now if the de-icer can keep up with it, we only have another month of nasty cold weather before the tornadoes and hail begins.

Murial is getting better at the milking thing. she is now eager to get into the stanchion, however, she still clinches up and will only allow m to take half of what I know she is capable of. Right now I am not worried about it, as I leave it for the calf any way, but once the calf has weaned, it will be a problem.

You tell me, what do you want to know.


Kelle said...

I need to kick it in gear and gather all of our stuff for taxes, we're still waiting for one W-2 yet*sigh* I kow what you mean about projects and we too need a stock trailer, right now if we need one we borrow it from a friend just down the road. It's one of those things, that sits until you NEED it, and then you realize we really NEED to have our own.

I'm no expert but when it comes time to wean the calf, if she still isn't letting down comlpetely, she'll do one of two things, eventually for her relief she will, or the bad news, she'll start drying herself off,( that's what happened to us with our Dexter) Praying that by weaning, she's relaxed and is sharing her full load with you*wink*

About the sheep shearing, well Feb. is cold here too and when I asked at the first sheering we attended, I was told that as long as they have a place to get out of the weather they do just fine and it's done in prep for lambing which typically starts beginning of March. Poor things look so shocked being pushed out into the corral without their heavy coats. I know nothing about sheep, other than raising bum lambs for our sheep friend, but it does seem cruel to me :o(

Phelan said...

We shear twice a year, March and August. Ours lamb anywhere from Feb to September (the hair sheep, no shearing needed, birth twice a year) The sheared ones seem to birth when ever they feel like it. If no ram got the in their fall heat for some reason, then they go into heat every month until they gt knocked up.

The only ones that have birthed the same time very year where the goats!

I am hoping Murial decides to allow me to milk her completely out. I have gone through the dry up refusal to cooperate milking sessions with 2 of the Dexters. Murial is y highest milk producer, I need her to keep it up. But she is young too and not us to being milked, hopefully this year she accepts me and I can keep milking after weaning.

SkippyMom said...

I am easy, you know that. [Take it as you will ::wink::]

Just post a picture of my favorite thing [besides you].

Your chicken coop. hee

You could type about the condition of you feet for all I care. Whatever you share is a good read and I enjoy it immensely.

But, yeah, that coop....

Hugs my friend.

Phelan said...

I'm gonna haf to march myself to your place and build you one aren't I?

HermitJim said...

It's always interesting and educational to come and see what's going on at your place!

I'm just glad you take the time to share with us!

Alex said...

Never know what's coming next. I love it!

Phelan said...

previews! Good idea Alex :D

Jane said...

The monsanto thing is a disgrace. But as usual the only thing we the people can do is suck it up! I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well,Blessings jane

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