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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The critters

I was asked about our critters, what we have now. Not in any particular order. . .

12 heads of Cattle

You can led a calf to water. . .
Eddie and Leticia aka Mama, started our herd. From there Reeces Uma, Urth's Umbra, Unexpected Delight (Undies), Winston and Xanadu were born.

Uma begot Winnona. Urth begot X (ten) All the above are Long Legged Kerry's (Dexter registered)

Then we got Murial, she had Courage and Xuxi. (American Milking Short Horns, Xuxi is mix Kerry and Short horn)

Undies is slatted for butcher shortly.

We have 2 rams. Donkey is a Kakula an Bob Dole is an Black Belly Barbados.

Bob Dole and Donkey

1 wooly ewe, and 6 hair sheep ewes (black bellies)

Many Chickens and 7 rabbits, as well as bees.


2 dogs, Buckets (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and Sprocket (hound and German Shepard mix)

mine and don't care if you like it
And 3 cats, May, Pepper and Olive.

And 2 Turkeys that shall be eaten soon.

I don't think I am forgetting any one.


Stephanie in AR said...

I just have to ask about feed cost for your animals. We are also a single income family & according to my dh we are supposed to be getting a cow this summer from one of the truckers who comes delivers to his plant. I know other families manage but I wonder how much we're going to have to budget. Oh and no idea just exactly what "all ready for her" means. (story at blog). Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

What? No partridge in a pear tree? ;)


HermitJim said...

Sounds like a full house to me! I imagine it makes things interesting to say the least!

Phelan said...

LOL! Funny story Stephanie! Wrote a post about feed.

Alrescate, we ate it.

Jim, oh it does indeed

Parker said...

Hey, thanks for the list and pics :) I didn't remember you had rabbits, or all those ewes! That's a lot of work, I'm impressed!

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

Great idea for a post. I think I'll do that on my blog. It is a pretty common question.

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