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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some people just can't pull humble off

This is me, assuming that she was trying to be humble.

I met a woman the other day. She was almost completely self sufficient. I thought, wonderful, someone close by, close to my age, that I can share stories and ides with. I was happy to meet her. She however didn't seemed very thrilled to meet me. As the person introducing us told her how I do can and butcher and the like, she rolled her eyes. I thought, well maybe she is doing that because this other person won't shut up. This person does like to talk a lot. I tried not to giggle. Then it was her turn to be talked about in the third person. This is when I assumed she was being humble about it, and wasn't successful at the act of. (yes, I am really Yoda) I was a little confused. She was smug and a little self righteous about it all. She said little but her body language was screaming at me. I started to get uncomfortable.

I don't understand the attitude. I never had. There are a couple homesteading blogs I refuse to read because of this attitude. They are right you are wrong no matter how you do it. I'm always wrong so no biggy. But they don't know that! And yes I am slightly moody, but not devoid of joy. So this woman's attitude toward me was confusing. Is their a competition in homesteading that you all neglected to tell me about? The plotting and scheming, the world of intrigue that is the homesteading play -offs. Am I in the finals? Did I make it that far!?! What's the prize?

See I need to be on my A game here. I don't want to lose the play-offs to this woman. Oh, I am ok losing to you, but not her. Now it's personal.

Now I am laughing at myself. Phelan silly. But still, all true. I was hoping for someone to share with and or us to teach each other things. I always enjoy learning from others. There are so many things I have yet to learn. But no worries, she only brought me down emotional for the moments she was near. I guess we will not be getting on. I invited our mutual friend to the wedding, and this woman was not thrilled that she would have to dress up in costume to attend. Maybe they won't come.

Husband ate some of Pastor Mike's salsa. It seems to have been a little too much for his delicate belly. I am expected to baby him today.


SkippyMom said...

Blech, doesn't sound like anyone I would want to be around, ever. There are so many ways of doing things [anything] and to share is to learn and there is no reason for her attitude.

At least if she does come to the wedding you know what her costume will be.


Anonymous said...

How disappointing. Like you, I would have been exciting to meet someone with experience in homesteading...

I am unaware of playoffs, doesn't mean there aren't any; there just aren't out here...that I know about.

You're asking the-last-to-know. =)

Melanie said...

Homesteading playoffs? Dang I think I lost! lol

Tess said...

Sounds like a personal problem to me! Perhaps her attitude problem was her inflated ego feeling threatened. I would blow it off and not worry about it.

Most homesteading persons that I have met are more than welcome to share advice and past mistakes.

edifice rex said...

I think Tess hit the nail on the head. Small people try to look down on others.
I'd wager she doesn't know as much as she would like to think.

Kelle said...

Sorry to hear you didn't meet a humble homesteader, instead of a stuck up one.
My experience lately is that it is a play off of sorts, or at the very least a one upsmanship. I've had several people who portrayed themselves as homesteader/ sufficient people and yet I ended up doing all the sharing, them doing all the taking and then I was cast off like I was no longer needed. This is where my Hermitism kicks in and I shut everyone out and just want to live my simple life, learn what needs learning and keep to myself, sad isn't it?
Phelan anytime you and your family want to visit MT you let us know we'd be glad to meet up with you*wink*

FTM Farmer said...

She sounds a lot like my dad's girlfriend. The know-it-all who doesn't hesitate to give her opinion or tell you that you're wrong. Instead of arguing with her, I just prove her wrong when it comes to things.

She swore up and down the only way to get paint out of her brush was with paint thinner. I boiled it in vinegar and brought it back to her. She gave an emphatic, "well ok" and rolled her eyes.

Sometimes, you just have to let them talk and you keep on doing.

Best of luck.

Oh, and if there are play offs, well then I'm still stuck in the minor leagues with my small backyard garden for the time being.

~Tonia said...

Yikes I suck at competition! I dotn take it serious enough and my competitors get upset because I laugh to much and try to make light of Serious games!Lol..
I hate it when people think they have the ONLY way to do things!Its not fun that way....

Lamb said...

Play-offs? PLAY-OFFS!?!?
Dang...another memo I didn't get!
I had to laugh when I read your post. A few years ago I met a woman that was the *grande dame* of a survivalist/homesteader forum. Expert at EVERYTHING --or so it seemed. If you posted a question, she was johnny-on-the-spot with THE authoritative answer. No one questioned her.
I moved into her local area and went by where she worked and met her.
NOT what I expected.
Went to her house.
Uh...where's the garden she was always extolling the virtues of?
"Deer were bad this year, so I let it go"
What about her chickens?
"Oh, was so busy working, I gave them away"
You get the idea.
There was no evidence of a self-sufficient homesteader/survivalist AT ALL.
What there was ...4 dogs, none house trained. A house that could have been nice...if she cleaned.
Funny thing is...she never came back on the forum.
A few people called her and she gave various excuse.
I never told anyone on the forum the truth about her...I figured that if it made her feel better to be an expert online, then I could just go on with my life and let her live hers. are doing great...I learn so much reading your blog!

Keep fighting the good fight, got a lot of us in your corner...cheering you on!
(Can you get me tickets to the play-offs? LOL!)

Jennifer said...

I don't understand that type of attitude from anyone really. Why act superior? I run into people like this from time to time and I just don't get them. I think it is a deep rooted insecurity, only an insecure person has to look down their nose at other people just to feel better about themselves. JMO.

Anonymous said...

Amen Lamb! And FTM, thank you for the heads up on brush cleaning - I shall relay that to my painting sweetie.

Art Blomquist said...

Oh Man! Too Funny. The Playoffs. X is an unknown quantity, 'spurt is a drip under pressure. Thank God for people like that - just in case we miss the morning funny papers..

DebH said...

I've met the type...but the thing is...They Don't enjoy doing it anymore. They just HAVE too! Seems that there are people like that? I know, but it's true!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I think in any type of "group" there will always be those who are "better" than the other fellow, or at least think they are. They have that superior air about them. I have run into people like that in the horse world already.

Robbyn said...

Hmmm, weird. I don't understand feelings of superiority related to trying to be self-sufficient. One can be a lonely number.

tabitha said...

We've met a number of people around here like that. I personally strive to not be that way, no matter how busy I am or how absent minded. The things we've had to figure out on our own, do alone when we needed help... because of that sort of attitude.

You'll find a wonderful selection of good folk, I know because we have. And I hope we are part of others' resource pool as well.

TeeJay said...

Meh - my guess is that she doesn't know as much as she lets on and is just trying to "appear" superior in self-sufficiency. I bet that if she were truly tested with having to rely on only herself for any length of time, she would fail miserably.

You just keep doing what you're doing, Phelan. If you're at peace with yourself about how you're living and what you're doing in the homesteading realm, then that's the only one you have to worry. You have to live with yourself, not that crabby pants woman.

TeeJay said...

Correction: "that's the only one you have to worry *about*" :)

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