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Friday, September 03, 2010

I like you guys

you always manage to crack me up.

Looks like I will be having a niece some time today.

I should have a very long post about the rabbits coming next week.

New coop going up and maybe even building that smoke house.

I forgot to mention, my brother's girlfriend's father built a very cool outside furnace. I talked with him about it when I was up in Fort Scott. It is something that Husband was wanting to do, but now we know some one that has done it, and can improve on his version.

Speaking of Husband, he is one of my issues. This might sound a little odd, but Husband and I are getting married. What!?! But. . . Some of you are new here and do not know the story of Husband and I. We are legally married, however I had no idea that we even got married. Husband came home one day and told me to sign something, as it was for insurance. I signed it and the next day Husband comes home from work and tells me that HR at the motorcycle builders shop had married us. You can marry by proxy in this State. But I want to actually get married, with friends and family around. It has been several years now, and I think it was time. Husband on the other hand feels like it is just play and wasn't really into it. And I was feeling a bit put out about it. But after a few days of talking about things, and him realizing that it crushed me that he didn't want to have a wedding that he finally agreed to it. We have a date, but not a year. Not sure if I could get it all together by the date this year. But I will let you know.

Murrial jumped the fence into good neighbors yard. Good thing that the cows being over there is ok. However, fence jumping is severely frowned upon in our home. So looks like barbed wire (or Bob's wire as Small says) will be going up. Sam had stepped through it and got stuck again the other day. It will stop her as well. I need to talk to Good Neighbor about what he is growing over there. I called the cows home and here they come running, so bloated that there bellies where bouncing out to their sides. Reminded me of running with out a bra. Yes, it looked uncomfortable. I was worried about bloat, but that doesn't seem to be the case, everyone is pregnant and that helps it out a bit. The largeness of it all. But they are very happy cows, and Sam's butt is getting a little too big. She will need some extra walking time.

I was doing dishes when I felt something small and furry on my barefoot. At first I thought it was the gerbil out of it's cage, but when I looked down, it was a chipmunk. Good thing I am not girlishly afraid of rodents. The cat (pepper) thought to bring me a gift. How sweet is that?


Yart said...

Congrats on the new neice... Babys are just wonderful. Grim and I got married with a justice of the piece and I have always regreted not having a real wedding. If you need any help planning I'm full of ideas....LOL! And as far as the outside furnace.... can't wait to see pictures. I don't have room here for one but one day I will. Huggs to you,

Adirondackcountrygal said...

How nice of your husband to get married to you without you knowing it! Yes you deserve a real wedding! Men are funny aren't they?

Angry Viking said...

What state marries by proxy? I've never heard of such a thing. My wife and I got married by my divorce lawyer from my previous marriage. The ironic part is she was looking for a justice of the peace and picked him. I didn’t even know it was him until that day. We had been living together for a few years and got married for insurance purposes also. And she also wants a real wedding. Perhaps someday.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new niece, the upcoming wedding, and kitty gifts. =) I cannot wait to hear about the day and year.

TeeJay said...

Congratulations on your new niece and your upcoming wedding day. I echo what others have said - you definitely deserve a wedding! Guys just don't get it sometimes. Ugh!

If you'd like some help, I'm pretty creative. I also have a friend in KY who is wonderful with wedding favors, decorations, 'n such - she works out of her home designing and printing stuff.

Gotta love kitty presents! Thankfully mine is not an outdoor cat so all she brings me is sandpaper-y kisses. :)

HermitJim said...

Well, if nothing else, you have to give hubby credit for at least trying in the wedding department, right?

I mean, some guys wouldn't even go that far! I'll betcha that he still loves ya, legal or not, and he still thinks of you as his best friend and greatest love!

The wedding will only be the icing on the cake!

SkippyMom said...

Hey Phe? We like you too. :D

Phelan said...

I'm telling you, you guys do crack me up.

The Date is Halloween. I am a sucker for Halloween, and it is the same day we started our life here together on the homestead.

And since Husband thinks it is all a big play, we will be having a Masquerade Ball. He smiled at that. A biker Preacher will be binding us. I love fall weddings, because of all the incredible food that can be presented.

Yart any Ideas are welcome!

Teejay, does your friend have a website? Some of the things we have talked about is old school Irish (me) and Scot (husband) and I need someone that can make motorcycle patches.

HermitJim, of course I give him some credit. There is more to the story, but I rarely like to say bad thing about my husband, even if he said them first. Some of the things he said about us "really" wedding hurt. But he can be as bad as me, not thinking before speaking.

Thank you guys!

sally said...

If you are looking for a creative person to make awesome motorcycle patches try.............

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she has a section on motorcycle items.

Hope this helps.

TeeJay said...


Sent you (via the email address on your profile page) the contact info for my friend who does wedding stuff.

Hope you got it! :)

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