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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been up at the farmstead almost daily. Undies keeps testing the fences and winning. I am tired and gritchy now. Waiting for that phone call that says he is out again. Luckily he isn't leaving the farmstead.

Here on the Homestead, we had a lamb born a couple of days ago. Little boy (as soon as I get a battery charged I will post a photo)

And on the wedding front, will go looking for a dress tomorrow and we will be having lamb for the diner.


Donna said...

May I suggest electric fence to keep Undies in? It's cheap, it's so easy to put up that a child could do it, and once they've experienced a shock, they stay away from it.

Phelan said...

There is no electricity there. We are working on a solar power hot fence though

HermitJim said...

Most feed stores (at least locally) have a small solar powered electric set-up fairly cheap!

Just a suggestion!

Bet it seems strange, shopping for a wedding dress, huh?

SkippyMom said...

Okay I wanted an invite to the wedding before, but lamb? How many hours it to you from me? Cause baby I will be a gate crasher for sure. :D

I like the suggestions for the hot fence - doesn't seem like you have a choice, perhaps this should go to the front of the list - if for no other reason than to save your sanity.

upinak said...

Hmmm electic fence hooked up to a car battery?

Just a thought.

On the dress front.... UGH I wish you two would have decided this a couple months earlier. I had the PERFECT Ball Gown I could have sent. And it was beautiful, elogant, and would have been perfect for your wedding.

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