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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My other Blog

My motorcycle blog has been given permission to post exclusive webisodes weekly from 3 different series off SPEED tv. So those of you that are interested, Following the Yellow Brick Road will start posting the following shows;

Stealth Rider: Series Description
Jason Britton is igniting his insatiable passion for riding by returning to his roots and shooting the ultimate stunt film. Jason and his team jump in the bus and tour the country to “steal” shots in front of the most iconic backdrops they can manage. Planned like a robbery but carried out safely and professionally, Jason and his team get stunt riding shots in unimaginable locations like the art museum steps of Philadelphia and the French Quarter of New Orleans, to name a few. Along the way they’ll meet and spotlight the local bikers, carve through America’s great rides and pick up some stories to remember.

Intersections: Series Description
In each 30 minute episode of Intersections, two seemingly different machines and the men who operate them will demonstrate the amazing similarities of both the machines and the skills required by each driver. As their lives and machines intersect, we go inside the technology and break down what makes it all possible. Episodes include: Top fuel dragster vs. a Navy Jet landing on a floating aircraft carrier, a NASCAR pit stop vs. a mid air re-fuel and an Abrams Tank vs. a submarine. Man and Machine intersecting with technology and skill.

PINKS All Out: Series Description
From bright city lights to quiet country roads… They come from all walks of life, with a car, a dream, and a burning desire. Now thousands of fans fill the stands every year, as hundreds of competitors thunder down the quarter mile. Everyday people strapped behind the wheel of cars they built. No sponsors, no pit crews… Just One Rule: Run all out! It’s a chance for the grass roots racers to go head to head for fame and glory on a national television stage and win a part of the $25,000 in cash and prizes.

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