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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Houston, there's a problem

Haven't been able to get online for 2 days. I think I have the problem fixed now.

It was 107F here yesterday, 105F today.

Harvested tomatoes and cantaloupe. Here is the thing, I haven't planted cantaloupe here for 5 years. Other people give it to us, so there hasn't been a need.

Xanadu has decided to try and get me in trouble with Mama. Mama, doesn't like us near her babies. Xanadu has taken on following me around, running after me, and daring me to pet her. Mama isn't happy, I have had to jump away a few times from horns.

Tomorrow I have some Ketchup recipes to post, maybe even a cantaloupe sherbet as well.


skippymom said...

I just thought you were still asleep from the blogathon. :) [again, NICE job!]

Cantaloupe sherbet makes my mouth water. Never had it, but the idea of it? BONUS.

Now stay away from Mama's calf. :)

Anonymous said...

I too thought you were catching up on much needed sleep. =)

I look forward to your recipes!! Please stay safe.

goatlady said...

Oh goody I have been trying to find a good simple Ketcup recipe.

Immigrant Daughter said...

That's work and it is good you enjoy it.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Can't wait for the recipes. My SIL had her first garden this year (in Texas) and has a bumper crop of cantelope. I know she would LOVE to have that recipe since she has been looking for ideas on what to do with 20 cantelope (besides giving it away) when there are only 2 people in their house.
Wish i was on the side fence watching that Xandu being mischevious. Had to be a site! Not to laugh at your expense, but it still gives a chuckle.

The Fool said...

107?!! OMG. I'd melt.

Rivenfae said...

We're have heat issues too, our neighbors say that this has been the hottest they've see it here in summer. Silver had heat stroke about a week ago as well, I'm kinda glad things have made it that we couldn't build during this heat. Silver said it'll be fast to build once we start so there shouldn't be a problem. Glad to know you are doing well.

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