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Monday, June 28, 2010

FYI, If it has holes, it won't hold water

I am utterly exhausted right now and the day isn't over. Take a break and cooling off right now.

Some days I don't like that my husband has a day or 2 off work, because he wants to do things in the heat that well, I simply do not want to do. I would rather wait until the sunsets and do it by moonlight.

We have managed to snag 10 of the sheep and bring them over. I was not happy to discover that the water troughs they left for the animals actually had holes in the bottoms and sides. No wonder the animals were going through so much water. Husband fixed one of them yesterday, and will be fixing the other one today or tomorrow. Despite the neglect, they are relatively healthy. The one woolie girl needs to be sheared something awful, she can't be comfortable in the heat with it. All their hooves need to be trimmed, and one of the lambs has a running nose. Eyes are clear, and seem to be worm free. But it is easy to be worm free when your pen has no vegetation in it.

Last night we went to round up a few sheep. Small runs through the pen and WACK! a full grown ram jumps in the air out of fright from my husband and lands on Small. It was an America's funniest Home Video moment if I ever saw one. Small was fine a little lump on his head. He mumble childish curses and stomped home. He has declared that he doesn't like that ram.

Dinner was refreshing last night, fresh chicken in home grown and made BBQ sauce, homegrown and made baked beans with last years bacon, fresh home grown peas with raw butter, and canned mixed fruits from last years gleaning. It was delicious. After dinner we spoiled the boys with some processed sugar, with the camp fire roaring we enjoyed 'smores. Husband and I slept out under the stars again. It's evenings like these that remind me that the days like those are all worth it in the end.


Laura said...

We had the same thing happen to one of our chicken waterers recently and lost 3 chickens because of it :(

Yart said...

I'm glad to hear that small is doing ok.... it must have been quite a shock to him. Good luck with all the new sheep.

SkippyMom said...

Poor Small. Glad he is okay.

You are doing Phelan - and with aplomb I should say. That dinner makes me jealous! And sleeping under the stars? That's money baby! hee

Kelle said...

Isn't it rewarding to serve a supper that you grew/ raised/ made from scratch? It makes all the hours of labor worth it.

BTW.... The turkey hens are laying again are you still interested in eggs? We aren't going to let them set anymore this season because we simply don't have a market for selling them*sigh* We have 7 to sell/ butcher and so far have three sold for butcher, that is it. We don't have room for the remainder, in our freezers so will butcher on a "As Needed Basis"

Cow Belles: Southern Sophistication said...

Dinner sounded fabulous. May I ask though, what is raw butter? And I have an awesome recipe for marshmallows on my blog, if your interested. Keep up the good fight!

Phelan said...

I don't pasteurize my milk, so raw butter would be unpasteurized cream

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