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Thursday, May 06, 2010

No Matter What the Books tell you

Never do it in the house.


Anonymous said...

LOL I had to look at the tags to figure out exactly WHAT I should not be doing in the house. *snickers* It was tough pulling myself from the gutter!

Phelan said...

you are not the only one. I was informed that I was too offensive and they would no longer read me. Maybe it was about something else I said. ~shrug~

Phelan said...

you know, once I think about it, it more than likely ha more to do about what I said about "starving" artists and my thoughts about myself. Someone had gotten their panties unnecessarily in a twist over it. The they said something that proved my point, but I didn't say anything about hat, though I thought it. oh oh I wonder if they are ind readers!

Who knows.

Sometimes I wonder why people read as long as they do, then freak out of 1 little sentence. It isn't like I have never been offensive on other subjects, or had blatant innuendo's in my titles. I have never been PC about anything, and I thought that came across in everything I spew out here. I have been ticking people off for years.

I say that if I don't say your name, then it has nothing to do with you. You can state your opinion, but still it wasn't about you because I didn't use your name. And that if you get upset, overly so, that it might have more to do with your self esteem and personal perception than it does with my opinion about those I see around me.

And I apparently feel like chatting this morning.

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