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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It Happens

It was raining all day yesterday. So I spent the time indoors working. As i was packing my books, I couldn't help but glance in some of the 1960's handyman encyclopedias that I have. I was at an estate auction a few years ago, and no one was buying books, except for me. Finally the auctioneer looked at me and said I will give you all the books in here for $1. I said ok. And ended up with a couple thousand books, that I am still going through.

I digress, as I was going through the handyman books, I found some great projects for the boys and I to do. With today being the last day of school, and the heat of high summer just around the corner, we need something to fill our time. Of course they will be allowed to run off and go swimming and fishing in the creek, but as we lay in the shade of the wood next to the creek, we might as well learn some new things.

Packing and cleaning, that is all I have on my mind today.


David in Kansas said...

Thousands of books for a dollar! You can't beat that!

SkippyMom said...

Nice buy Phelan - so many things you can do with books if you don't want to read them yourself. Bet the boys will have fun tho' - sounds great.

I have packing on my mind too for our move, but I think I need to feel a weeeee bit better before I start tackling all the boxes in the garage. Argh.

HermitJim said...

Nothing fun about packing, that's for sure!

At least you have a way to let your mind wander a bit as you go, right? Just don't do what I probably would...start reading one of the books!

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