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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Easy as tearing the wings off Butterflies

The crowd gathered around. Necks strained to see what the screaming was about. They prodded and pushed, and when they could see that they could do nothing to help, they milled around until it was decided that there was nothing more to do. He was left to his attacker, alone to fend for himself.

But I guess a good story really needs to start at the beginning. It is quite simple really. It began as any attack would, the victim was stalked. He was watched carefully. The attacker learning his movements and his habits. The attacker paid great attention to the details of how alert his victim was, who he hung out with, where he ate and even how often he had to defecate. With enough amassed knowledge the attacker determined it was time. He employed a lovely distraction. The woman slowly, and seductively approached him. Lulling him into a sense of safety. She held his favorite dish of food out to him, willing him with her mind to pay attention only to her, and what she was carrying. The attacker approached slowly. The crowd that stood looking on did nothing to help, and witnessed the entire episode. They merely watched in detached interest. Suddenly the attacker jumped and grabbed the victim. A split second later the woman had dropped the food and started pushing the victim as the attacker pulled. Quickly, and with little noise, the two were able to get the victim to the blanket laid out under the tree and threw him down on his side. The woman straddled him to hold him down as the man removed a pair of long, shinny, and sharp scissors.

The first cut wasn't as simple as they had hoped. Slowly the man clipped up the side of the victim's leg. Once accomplished, getting the wool of Donkey was simple. The tangles this year weren't as bad as last. The shears slipped easily between the wool and cut cleanly. It took us 3 hours to shear him completely, a record. For those of us that aren't a practiced hand at hand shearing, it is a grueling process. Your back, knees, shoulders and wrists begin to burn, and your cuts become jumpy. It is always a good idea to have a tag team going.

Shearing sheep

Hand Shearing

Zombie and Ni took vigilance on the blanket beside us. Ni, acting cocky and cool.


He had the lone honor, as he takes no heed of Zombie unless feeling frisky, of sitting next to us cool people. Zombie even decided to get into the act, and helped us shear by eating the wool.


The group of cows that had gathered, quickly dispersed when it was shown that Donkey was overreacting. My ladies won't stand for the overly dramatic types. The bulls had to be shooed off as they wanted to play hook the sheep in my horns.

Husband and I had done our best, but I missed one mutton chop on him. He has an awful haircut. Husband even posed for you all.

help me

While you have your sheep down, hoof work is important. Takes a few minutes to finish them up.

Hoof trimming

It is also wise to check the health of your animal at this time. Fix what needs to be fixed, clean what needs to be cleaned.

Donkey sheared


SkippyMom said...

You crack me up - from the title [SO YOU! LMAO] to the whole story and the goats on the blanket, bwahahahaha....just great and good advice you give too.

Thanks ::wiping my eyes::

HermitJim said...

Does he take a bit to warm back up to you? Wonder how long his memory is about such things?

Thanks for another great story for us!

Phelan said...

glad you enjoyed it Skippy.

Jim, it takes a full year ;). Actually if you have feed, he will cautiously approach you. But is quick to run if you move suddenly.

Anonymous said...

FDL you are too funny!! Love the pictures - poor donkey! =)

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