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Monday, April 12, 2010

I loath Trees

I know all the goody goody about trees, and could care less a this point, I hate them right now. They are literally the thorn in my side.

We chainsawed the tree limbs in the cattle run yesterday at the farmstead. It was my job to walk through and throw out all the limbs that I wouldn't die from touching, over the fence. Sounds easy enough. Some have thorns bigger than husband's middle finger!

I have holes in my side, they puncture and withdraw, my arms were bloody, and the back of my legs. I was a good girl, and kept working, with only a little cussing. But I broke. I will admit to you, I broke when the thorns slapped me in the face.

I cried like a little girl.

Bawling, mind you. Not a whimper of discontent, but good old fashion my life is over teen angst ridden my parents hate me bawling. And yet, through blurring vision, and a sniffing nose, I kept working.

t-post cedar

And this gate has been buried for at least 20 years. It took us a bit to yank it up out of the ground

20 yr plus gate unburied

I think this should be my new masthead. Medium's foot.

medium's foot

And clean water from the windmill

windmill water

the motor on the right, doesn't work.

more blue bottles, the small one on the left is a Bromo-Seltzer bottle

blue jars

I have also updated the Dandelion Jelly post with pictures.


HermitJim said...

Glad you didn't get an eye put out or something! Mother Nature can make some wicked thorns, for sure!

Cute picture of the foot!

Jenny said...

I HATE F#@#$%^ hedge trees :(

Bob from Athens said...

The only good thorn tree is a pile of ashes!

Phelan said...

And not just the hedge, but the honey locust! We are keeping them because they actually feed the cattle, and when cut down can bring in a pretty penny.

kath said...

And I was complaining about taking down some sycamores and a weeping willow last weekend. I promise I won't complain about them again! You definitely had it way worse!

Anonymous said...

I don't loathe trees. I love them! I'm sorry you had a hard time, but a big giant tree like that has those thorns for self defense. I could go on a diatribe all the things trees are good for and why you should work around them,but acknowledge the very occasional need to cut one down. VERY OCCASIONAL Sorry you had a hard day, though.

Phelan said...

I know why they have thorns. I was cut up and had a lot of holes in my body, so I think I have a good excuse to complain.

No trees were cut down, limbs were cut out of the fencing so that the cattle could get through.

And I know all about how wonderful trees can be. but as I typed this post, I didn't really care. And I would dare anyone to get hit in the face with 2 inch long spikes and not loath trees.

Art Blomquist said...

Score! A dump on the property. Lot's of good stuff! And a lot of pain in the butt. I am saving up for an air powered tin snip so I can reuse the flat metal panels on discarded freezers, washers, dryers etc - to use as sidings. 10 gallon pails are a wonderful resource! Maybe some chain mail is in order for the thorns. I'd be wearing my chain saw helmet complete with visor and chaps.. Hang in.

Homestead State of Mind said...

Oh, I have worked that hard...sobbing while you work. I well remember the horrid several weeks when I cleaned out a 1/2 acre of huge Kong Blackberry bushes plus buried crap all over the property, all by myself. I SO admire your dogged determination.

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