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Friday, April 02, 2010

A Homesteading Neophyte Buys the Farm (stead)

I have been thinking about the end of A Homesteading Neophyte.

Yes, it is coming to an end, soon I will be on 120 acres, that my friends is a Farmstead. The Farmsteading Neophyte, naw. It doesn't have the same ring to it. But I don't plan on changing my name, nor creating another blog for the adventure. This is an electronic diary, it doesn't run out of room like a paper one does.

There will be a problem with updates. I will be lucky to do so once a week. Without electricity there is no computer. What I would like to do it get my camper on solar power. Looks like you can power an RV for around $3,000. However I don't have that much at one go, and I don't need a big RV lit up. Just a small 1970's camper. I will have to look around some more. Maybe find a company that would like me to test out their equipment. hint hint to all those PR companies that visit this blog.

Husband did a lot of work at the homestead. He cleared so much dead wood and brush. With it gone the animal areas look much larger.

Not changing the subject here, it is part of the farmstead thing; I asked the neighbor across the way if she would sell her fiber lambs to me. She said no, that she wanted to hold onto them for awhile. This confuses me as she sells of lambs for butchering. She will have to sell them off because she doesn't have the room for them. Sometimes it feels like she does somethings just to spite m. I don't know why she would, and I'm not entirely sure why I feel that way.

So, if any one in Kansas or Northern OK or even Western MO has fiber sheep for sale, would you mind contacting me. I have been having problems finding ones that are currently or soon to be on sale, online.

We have a beautiful area set aside for sheep. See sometimes I get these romantic notions in my head, and have learned that it is best to set up things in advance. Doesn't matter if I have a line on the item or not. Eventually I find it.

Mama looks like she is about to pop any day now. Which I wasn't expecting a calf this soon. Mama will stay here on the homestead. Mama, Uma and Winnona, and Undies will stay. While Murial and courage, Eddie and Winston, and Urth will be moved to the farmstead. This is only until the lease is up for the 47 acres. Then everyone will be moved out. But the ones going to the farmstead first are my milkers. The Kerries have the better of the attitudes when it comes to milking while Murial's main purpose or function for the homestead has been milk. The other girls have some nasty attitudes when it comes to it all. So beef breeding it will be.

The plan is to sell meats and other things as well as fiber and skins. A CSA is in the works as well. I look forward to that. The sooner everything is up and going, the sooner we are making a profit the soon husband can retire and be with us again.

This is still the biggest thing I fret about this adventure. I am going to miss husband with all my being. Even if it will be filled with physical labor, so much to do out there, the nights will be difficult. I told husband he will have to soak a shirt in solvent and used bike oil just so I can sleep at night. Yes, that would be husband's smell. And I know that many would be turned off by this. But after smelling it for 14 years, it's a smell I cherish. When he went 3 month unemployed, he lost that smell. I didn't like it.

I guess this would be rambling, huh? Bu it is part of the process. The fears and joys of what is to come. And it is coming so fast. Even though in a way it is late, since I was suppose to be out there last year. But some things stood in the way. Things I haven't talked about here because of certain people that read this blog. But let us not dwell on that.

There was some other things I thought about talking about, but they have nothing to do with this subject. So I think that's all I have to say on the subject right now. Maybe. . . but you guys are pretty good about bringing up things, so I will turn it over to you.


HermitJim said...

You gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Good luck on your next adventure!

SkippyMom said...

I, for one, am going to miss the heck out of you - but what a doozy it will be if you only post once a week. :D

Everything seems to be coming together nicely. I am very excited for you - will you have time to get a garden in the ground? Will hubby have time to take care of the cows [working and all]? Just wondering.

I get the smell thing - mine is a combination of Old Spice deoderant, chlorine and sweat [hence his name Pooldad]

I wish you all the best and I can't' wait to hear all about it.

Michaela said...

I will miss u too & I only just started coming here! You are brave and brilliant and funny. Look fwd to your massive posts... xxoo PS Post about whatever you want, would be my attitude. Its your story you are telling, & thats priceless, and worth sharing xxoo

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

So excited for you! I do look forward to seeing more of your progress Phelan. You are a strong woman who amazes the crap out of me when I see/read what you are up to. I wish you all the best and hope for a beautiful, bright future in your new farmstead.

Robbyn said...

I'm glad you'll be here for updates when you can, even if it's farther in between. SO SO happy for you getting to make the move. Did you know Jack said we can talk moving OUT of FL?? I know how you feel about the tough part being in two different places and missing each other, and missing the scent of him. Wow, you guys have done so much to the place, makes me sore just excited to see your plans coming together!

Andrew Mooers said...

Great blog..just stumbled in to you. Farming is not all glamorous. It's hard work and up against the weather, market spikes and dips. I grew up on a Maine potato farm.

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