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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Deadline; 3 weeks

We have 3 weeks to get the first pen up and fully functioning. At that time we will be moving 1/2 our herd out to the farmstead.

I realize that 3 weeks seems to be plenty of time. But we are not talking weeks, but days. We can only work on the farmstead 2x a week. Meaning that we only have 6 days to have the pen ready for cattle.

The 3 weeks is how much hay we have left. They currently go through 1 bale a week. With half the herd grazing on overgrown pasture, this will reduce our payout here on the homestead.

And now the worrying about all this actually working starts setting in.

Subject change. (so I don't harp)

I have been thinking about the blogathon (already) for this year. I usually do Farm aid. I like them, I really do, otherwise I wouldn't have raised money for them the past 4 years. However after watching what our friend Brian has gone through I am thinking about blogging for either the Rescue Riders, Bikers for Bikers or Downed Bikers Association. What do you think? It is a hard decision.

For those of you that don't know, Blogathon is a yearly event where hundreds of bloggers raise money for their charity, blogging for 24 hours straight posting every 30 minutes.


HermitJim said...

I say that you must do what your heart tells you is best! You will be an asset to either or any of these causes, my friend!

Good luck with getting things ready!

Phelan said...

You are correct sir. I am leaning to Downed Bikers myself. But I have a little time before I have to make up my mind and start looking for raffle items.

Jenny said...

I like Bikers for Bikers :D

Phelan said...

I like the idea, only problem is I am unable to find their tax id and without it, blogathon will not allow me to use them as they can not be a confirmed nonprofit.

Guess I will need to email them.

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