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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passing Along Our Skills

Large Forbid me to post this.

Pulling off a manifold from my truck

Medium doesn't look happy about it. But LOOK, Large is doing manual labor!!!!


SkippyMom said...

Um...what is wrong with manual labor and knowing how to fix a truck. Lil' confused here. :D

I actually like working with my hands and my Dad me how to work on cars when I was young.

Phelan said...

You would have to ask Large. One thing I noticed is that the families that move out here from the city seem not to teach their kids how to work with their hands. Most of the boys around here wouldn't be caught dead digging in a car or truck. Sad, but true. Large is leery about it as he doesn't want to be picked on for this as well. He enjoys it. . . at times.

North Idaho Patriot said...

We don't have a Small, Medium, or large of our own. But I do like borrowing My brothers Large...Actually she's a small large, the other two are real small. Anyway, she's still too small to be pulling manifolds, but she's just the right size to help muck out the goat stalls.

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