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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Like my world, I'm on fire

Mother Love Bone was and still is one of my favorites to listen to. Great for mucking out the barn with.

My music is rather eclectic.

Prong, another band I have been in love with a long time. Talk about old school metal.

My music taste ranges all over, from Irish Folk, to 80's punk, from Russian death metal, to Southern Rock. And why yes, there is indeed some 60's love and a tad of rap and bluegrass.

My life, as my music, is rather all inclusive. I read blogs from all over the world. People like me and people that aren't. If I read something interesting, I keep reading. My blog list is rather odd if you actually sat down and dug through it. I have hippies, and green mothers, I have patriots and revolutionists, I have moms and dads, brothers and sisters. It keeps pace with how I see the world.

But some people will only see that I have Prong on my play list, they will not see Mother Love Bone. I will be labeled quickly as a skin head, a hate monger. All without digging into what I really am. You need to look at the whole picture, not just a sentence or two.

And I am seeing this happening all over with rapturous appetite on quite a few blogs I read. Posted by our dear friend anonymous. The blog world is looking hateful these days, and it saddens me.

I am a naive little girl. I get that. But the peace and sanity that some of my friends have enjoyed for years, writing about their daily loves are suddenly being attacked because they have an opinion about something. I must say that I don't clearly understand the motives of some people to search the web, to only leave nasty remarks on a family blog. I know that people can be emotional over certain things, and I myself have been guilty of getting hot under the collar. However I have never once gone out of my way just to find someone with a different opinion than myself so that I can threaten their families. This is beyond me.

If I don't agree with something, I might say something. I try to keep it respectful. And usually it isn't said until after I had been reading the blog for a bit. If I am new to it, I just move on for the moment. It isn't that hard to do. And I never leave it anonymously. I am not a coward. If you truly believe in what you are saying, then say it proudly. If not, move on, let them be. There is no need for name calling and threats, it makes you look like the bad guy and never persuades anyone to your side.

And when calling someone a racist and hatemonger, be sure not to litter your vocabulary with overly vulgar somewhat homophobic graphics.


Phelan said...

oh oh feeling nostalgic. Here is an anecdote for those that read comments.

I was at a Prong concert. The crowd was rather divided. On one side of the floor you had the skin heads, on the other, the long hairs. I was in the long hair pit (mosh pit) thoroughly enjoying myself. My friend ad accidentally busted my bottom lip open, and all the long haired boys were fawning over me. Still makes me giggle. But as I was crashing my way through the pit, singing along at the top of my lungs my eyes, my throat, my face began to burn. I can''t begin to describe the pain. I stopped dead where I was. Suddenly hands grabbed me and another girl and the next thing I know I am outside with the EMS. The skin heads had broken a bottle of mace in the middle of our pit. The other girl and I got the brunt of it.

I never understood why they did this, only that we were different then them.

Kelle said...

Sadly we as people haven't changed much. Yes we can proclaim we are tolerant and not prejudice but as you've stated are we really?

I'm guilt of quick judgements, although they come less and less as I've matured. I guess it goes with a lesson I've been learning for years( thick head syndrome) that I'm NOT responsible for anyone elses actions, they are. Yes, when people are rude or out of line I still feel embarrassed, but also a sad for them.

If we were all the same and all thought alike this would be a pretty boring world, wouldn't? That's what makes us interesting. No you don't have to agree with everyone( I don't perscribe to Politically correctness) but you can either as you said move on and not comment, or comment in a loving manner, rather than hateful. Hatefulness ONLY begets hatefulness.
Thank you Phelan for being you, you've blessed my life in the short time I've been blogging.

SkippyMom said...

I know exactly what you mean Phelan and I try to be like your describe [nicely done, btw] when it comes to commenting.

I would've posted about the Health Care issue because I have my own opinion too and I am so tired of some of the nasty actions, posts and comments when people don't agree - but I seem to be getting sicker everyday and it just isn't worth it. Funnily enough most of the people on my blogroll or who read me would absolutely disagree with me - but I can't think of one that would be mean or disrespectful.

That is why I love my tadpoles.

[That concert story made me ill]

Phelan said...

My readers are great. And all have been very respectful here.

And I am a sicko, as I look back on the story and retell it, I smile. Fun time ;)

Anonymous said...

I've spent a good deal of time the last few weeks reading through your archives and enjoyed the ins and outs, characters, ups and... well didn't 'enjoy' the downs much but admire the sheer grit you show. So keep on keeping on and thank you for sharing it all with us!

Phelan said...

etienetteblue, thank you. I really appreciate it.

Annabelle said...

People tend to get very "brave" sitting at their keyboards. You have no way to interrupt them, or walk away from them, so they spew. People would do well to remember that manners matter online as well as in person. Of course, the folks that attack other folks on their blogs probably don't have any real life manners wither. Just sayin'.

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