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Thursday, February 18, 2010


The USDA wants to be in control of the food so much, that they have changed the name from The National Animal Identifacation System to The Federal Animal Disease Traceability System.

I saw this over on The Never Done Farm.

We already have national disease registries, and once again, this program will do nothing in the way of prevention. Same game, new name.

From the Houston Herald

Contrary to what you are being told, National Animal Identification System is not dead - just renamed, reworded and still very much alive.

That was the message brought to the Ozarks Property Rights meeting in Gainesville last Thursday by Republican congressional candidate Bob Parker, who said he hated to bring that news. "Being one of those who has worked hard over the past four or five years to stop NAIS, nothing would please me and my co-workers more than to be able to report that indeed NAIS has gone away. But sadly it is still here under a new name and coming at us with a reshuffled approach." Parker read excerpts from a fact sheet released Feb. 5 by USDA that outlined the new approach.

Parker said the animal identification program will now be called the Federal Animal Disease Traceability System and premise identification registration numbers are now "unique location identifiers."

Read the entire article here>>>

Let the fight continue.


SkippyMom said...

On behalf of you and all the farmers this just sucks. And to see how sneaky it all is - I would be furious.

Gemini said...

do they seriously think that changing the name will make it invisible enough that they can slip it under our noses?!

Family Farms (and the rest of the small-timers targeted by Agribiz) at this point are very vigilant about any threats to their rights to farm.

I think it'd be easier to slip legislation past Monsanto than those of us who are deeply protective of our rights work and care for the land...

Gemini said...

Or maybe they're planning to distract everyone with FADTS while they slip NAIS in through the back door?

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