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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bring me some Shrubbery

We have finally named the first little boy. His name is. . .


He is coming along nicely. Growing fast, and attempting to rear up and has managed to jump on the furniture.When he jumps around, it reminds you of an human infant's involuntary jerky movements.

He also believes that he is a dog.

Just about all the goat books I have read, say that goats are not social animals, that's why the mother will walk away from the young and only going back at feeding time or if they might be in trouble.

LIES! Lies I tell you. That or I just have some very bizarre goats. I think part of the leaving them alone isn't so much about not being social as it is must the time they are born twins or triplets and carry on in that manner. Playing with each other rather than needing affection from mommy.

Ni on the other hand is an only child now, and behaves like a needy little brat. Don't even thin for a minute that you can leave him alone. He will run through the house desperately searching for me. He lies at my feet, between the stove and me, while I am cooking.

He is not very happy about the newest little one taking his playpen. He now sleeps with our not so much a puppy. He is showing a little bit of jealousy when I am feeding the new guy. He will be a spoiled little brat.

No name for the newest member of the family, yet. It was amazing watching him be born yesterday. I was worried at one point because I didn't know how long she had been in labor, and at fist all the pushing seemed like it was doing nothing. I saw the little bubbles around his nose while he was still in the membrane. And then when he broke through and gasped his first breath. It was snoopy dancing time. The only reason I even had the camera was because I was going to take pictures of the motorcycle engine we got back (shovel head), otherwise I would have been out there sans camera. That would have been a bummer. Guess I should always carry the camera with me.

His umbilical cord was about 2 ft in length. I had to tie it off, snip it to 1 1/2 inches in length and dipped it in to iodine. Been watching it for bleeding

He wasn't standing within the few moments, nor as he standing after 3 hours. He would try, then stop. It seemed like there was something wrong with his right hind leg. Betty kept running from him, wouldn't let him eat. I brought him in and gave him a sugar/molasses tit and he took right to the bottle. I held it a little high so that he would have to stretch for it, and annoyed him until he stood. I took him to Patch, but she wouldn't allow him to nurse either. I will take him out to Betty this morning, she is probably uncomfortable by now, and we will see what happens. He has taken to the bottle very easily.

He is wobbeling around this morning.


Rainbow Rivers said...

That is the one thing I have learned before from having goats is that the BOOKS NEVER apply to the goats you own and the information always seems wrong when applied to your herd. I know my goats never seemed to have read the books! Mine were extremly social even our billy goat who demaned hugs when you approached him or he would throw a fit. You literally had to wrap your arms around his neck and put your cheek right up against his! No half attempt hug would do! I found when it came to goats nothing beat personal experience filled in with talking to others who had raised goats for many years. Not enough money in researching goats so the information available is really low rate and lacks much credibility.

Have fun with those beautiful babies!

Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

Monty Python strikes again! LOL

Phelan said...

haha! Somebody got it. Yes, Large has discovered the joys of Monty Python. I had to listen to him demand shrubbery from everyone he saw for 2 weeks.

Phelan said...

Rainbow Rivers, hugging a billy. . . that's cute. My billy isn't into all that, but I do have to scratch him between his horns or suffer the wrath of a neglected baby

Gemini said...

I was wondering how you were so lucky as to have the camera right there! I thought "well maybe she just carries it with her everywhere, which is a good idea, but..."

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