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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warmer Shoes

Morning chores are done, just trying to warm up a bit. However it is warmer today than yesterday. so that's a plus.

I am wondering if things in my community are worse then we feared or being reported. Why am I thinking that?

First I got a mass email from the principal of two of my sons school. The email asked if we would go through are closets and pull out shoes that our children may have out grown. The letter states that he has already done this and gave the shoes to a child there that needed them.

Next I received a note from the teacher. They are asking that we send shoes to school so that the new gym floor stays nice. The note says that the shoes do not need to be new, just free of debris. If buying new shoes, don't spend more than $20, and if you need help purchasing shoes to let her know and that they will help.

Shoes, shoes for kids. It makes me wonder about things.

Next, I was talking with the electric company collections officer, and I just happened to catch a glimpse at his who to collect from list. Normally it is a relatively small list, but this time it had at least 100 people, if not more. He was out warning these people that their power would be turned off as soon as the overnight temperatures reach over 32F. He likes my cows and will stop and chat when he sees us out.

I am concerned about my community, and what could be happening to it. And I'm not sure what I can do to help. We aren't fairing much better than most of these people, but at least we are not drowning .. . any more


Wren said...

I'm sort of worried too. I had a couple of boxes of things that we had discontinued from the commissary, some ramen soup and cases of cheese danish, and some candy. I took them up the food bank yesterday. There are usually a lot of our Hispanic families up there, they really struggle. But, for the first time, the waiting room was overwhelmed with older people. Honestly, it was startling. All I can figure is that the last month has been so much colder than usual that their heating bills ate into their food money. That, and Medicare prescription drug plan premiums almost doubled beginning in January, along with the cost of some medications. Johnnie's went up about 30%. There was no Medicare COL raise this year to buffer the increase in drugs, so a lot of people on fixed incomes are hurting right now.

HermitJim said...

Times are getting harder for a lot of folks that normally wouldn't feel it too badly.

As is usually the case, the children and the elderly seem to catch the brunt of it. Sad thing, but I have a feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better!

Hope things continue to look up for you!

SkippyMom said...

Things are like this everywhere Phelan, it isn't just your community.

Our food banks are empty - and not because people aren't donating, they are, but so many others need more now that they supplies are depleted almost immediately.

As for the schools? Our daughters band members used to raise money for a yearly trip so they would be able to help out lesser areas of the country to boost their band program [For example they have travelled to NO LA to donate instruments and begin a program] but now the money they have raised is used just to keep the band program going at the school because the budgets have been cut. I know it isn't the same as shoes - but is simply an example of things going down the tubes.

Now gas is at $3 a gallon again. I just wonder when it is all going to even out.

Happy Hermit ( said...

Its a scary thing ,my husband just got a pay cut , we barely make it as is. Its happening all over.

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