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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Commercial Break

Lushae Jewelry contacted me about trying out some of their Jewelry. Now I am not the biggest fan of the sparklies (me having a Secret of the N.I.M.H. moment) But sometimes it's nice to have something on hand.

I checked the site out, and was really tempted to get the Skull and Cross Bones ring. Alas! I decided to play the grown-up and picked out the Impressionist Ring

The order arrived via USPS within a couple of days, in a great little blue and beige box. At first I was a little disappointed in the ring. It is casted, and has very little weight to it. I bought it as a thumb ring, because that' s how I like it. It was bulkier than I thought it would be, and is bright shinning chrome. The picture above shows the tribal work in great fat detail, however the lines on the piece I received were not as predominant. In the bright light, all you see is a slight indentation and chrome.

However, once I got use to the lightness, and got it away from the direct light, I grew rather fond of it. Out of the direct light you can see the details of the ring.

LuShae also carries pendants as well as earrings.

And looking around the site, it seems they have a contest going as well. If you put up their link and badge, you can be entered to win $5,000. They also have a $200 monthly winner, paid via paypal, to spend however you like.

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