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Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's going on

Shortly I will be doing the I am grateful and most memorable moments of 2009. Before such a post comes to be, I thought I would let you know what is going on. Many of the things I am about to mention have been going on for months, and I should get some kind of credit for not gritching about it as of yet. But this is a journal, a mundane one, and these things are a part of my life.

2 years ago I bought a new GE washer and dryer set. The washer is now no good. I bought an extended warranty, but not the extended extended warranty. The pump that pulls the water out of the machine won't work. And the part to replace it costs almost as much as the washer itself did. I will never buy another GE product again.

We have been washing our clothes in the bath tub.

We still don't have any heater duct work in the house. Every time we think we have enough money to do so, something comes up and that money is gone. The stove has been keeping us warm enough.

Speaking of money. I forgot about a $17 check that I wrote 4 months ago. I ASSUMED that it had already cleared and all that jazz. So my $17 mistake turned into a $280 mistake with over draft and the extra fees for not putting more money in the account within a few days. We closed the account.

The bank set our mortgage to one of their subsidiaries. The letter I received said I didn't have to change anything if I already paid online. I paid my bill as I always do, and it cleared the bank and now the subsidiary says that we haven't paid. gggrrrr.....

I am going to get a vet out here to look at Edie. She won't gain any weight and it is worrying me.

Right now the price for my cattle is only about $600. Selling isn't justifiable, but butchering might be. I would make more money selling the beef then selling them at weight. Not something we wanted to do just yet, but it has to be thought about. Once again, we are just trying to hold out for spring.

Our hay guy pulled 22 bales for us (6 months worth) and told us not to worry about paying right this moment. Pay when we can or wait until income tax return time. Speaking of which I just say my husband's SS statement, and he is bringing home less than half of what he was. ouch. no wonder we are struggling. We were living below our means when he was making the big bucks (ha) but now that below is above our means. And we just do the basics of basics. No cable or going out, no extra food stuff, no new clothing (I have been learning to sew) no phone, no Internet, and it still seems like we can't catch a break.

Here's to the New Year being prosperous. We have been working on some things that will hopefully turn everything back around for us. Fingers crossed.


Donna said...

You know the old country song, "If we make it through December, we'll be fine"?

SkippyMom said...

I am hoping the new year is better for you too Phelan.

About the appliances? If you bought them new then they came with a limited warranty from the manufacturer that should cover the defect you describe [if you didn't do anything nefarious to it :) which we know you didn't] Appliances are made to last many years and to crap out at this point is unacceptable. If you would like some help getting it fixed I will see what I can do - there is no reason it should be broken so soon.

I would count my blessings, as I know you do, that you have a wonderful hay man - he is wonderful to you all in keeping the animals you can't afford right now. That should make you feel good, right?

Please email me at my blog if you want help with the appliances - I will be more than happy to take on the company and get your washer fixed for you, 'kay?

GE Appliances said...

This is Megan from GE. Sorry to hear about your appliance issues. If you want to email me the details (model #, etc.) at, I can have someone look into it.

Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers* and am sending positive vibes your way. Looks like help might be coming through on the appliances - glad to see that. We have a frigidaire w/d stackable and the washer went out just after the warranty ran out (we did not buy extended); it needed a new motor ($85). I've wondered if buying an manual washer wouldn't be better.

Bright Blessings to you, my friend.

kate said...

I bought my 1920's house in a northeast city in 1992. I only replaced the refrigerator in my 17 years here. The 1945 Hotpoint stove still works, and the 1960's Maytag washing machine is great. Your experience is reminding me to stay happy with what I have. I was investigating GE stoves and washing machines, and now I won't.

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