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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Those Long Winter Nights

Just how cold is it in my house?

And that ice is all built up on the inside.

We came up with a new game here on the Neophyte Homestead. Many of you can play along as well.

With only 10 secs on the clock, how many chickens can you get to perch on a shower curtain rod?


Husband got four.


Happy Hermit said...

lol , that is exactly why my husband is iffy on me gettin chicks - IOWA here , ice has covered most of our house windows even the big ones.

Doc Sinister said...

I grew up in an 100-yr old house (in WI) and ice would form in the corners of my room every winter. One year the window got frozen open and we had to seal it up using blankets, tarp, and duct tape. Good times!

I recently finished your blog archives and am looking forward to seeing more. I have a request (I don't know if you do requests). Could you do a post running down all your cows, how old they are, and how they're related? The cow posts are some of my favs but I can't seem to keep them all straight.

Donna said...

I have lived in houses where the windows iced over on the inside. Thankfully, not now.

Phelan said...

Doc, no problem. And yes, I do take requests.

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures (cow with hat) and the new game. =) How many did you get?

HermitJim said...

Looks to me like the rel winners in the "chicken game" are the chickens themselves!

Gotta be colder inside than out, that is...until someone turns on the shower!

Great pictures!

Carol............. said...

OOOOhhhh..that does look cold!

Your pictures are great.

SkippyMom said...

Can you get the plastic [for the inside] and seal the windows so you don't freeze?

I am sure the chicks appreciate you putting them up in the house. Never seen anything like it and my grandmother raised chickens, even in extremely hard winters.

Conny said...

That does not look like a game I would enjoy. There only seems enough room for 4 chickens on the rod: I hope you have 2 bathrooms.

The pictures of the ice on the windows very much reminded me of those National Geographic specials where they take you UNDER the artic ice to see the seals swim. No seals at your house yet, right?

Phelan said...

We found two chickens frozen to death and it was -17 the night we brought them in as a precaution.

actually the house is staying decent. What happens with the ice, is that the inside is humid, and as the condensation forms, it freezes.

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