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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why are there horses in my kitchen?

The last night of the city garage or since there was a lack of that, yard sale. My wonderful husband and I came home to find that someone had tied are gate shut rather badly. Someone that isn't use to doing such things, I would hazard to guess, it was our first clue to the possibility that someone had been to visit. That is itself is a little odd. Most our visitors are neighbor's and they have had plenty of practice tieing our gate shut.

The next clue that someone had been over was that even in the dark of a country night, we could see the our back door was hanging wide open. Thus bringing out the girl within me. No way was I going in first when I have this strapping, handsome, manly man at my side. "you go in."

He tip toes in, reaching for the rifle that is placed in an easy for a very tall person to grab place, when I hear, "Someone left us horses."

I, doing the most logical thing, look about the yard, attempting to see what he was seeing. No silhouette of any horses. Again I hear. "There are seven horses." My boys run into the house, I followed no too closely. I have a need for self preservation. My oldest, Large, came to the door after only being in the house a mere second, laughing, "Mom, someone left us 7 horses in the kitchen!"

"why are there horses in my kitchen." My mind racing to figure out the juggernaut of a jigsaw puzzle that would allow for 7 horses to be standing in a single wide trailer's kitchen. See, you're thinking it out to.

I saw them as soon as I walked in the door, 7 horses all in a cage at my feet. "Those are chickens. And who in the (expletive) was in my house!" Again, my husband said slowly, "you have HORSES in your house."

How slow am I, Hooter, my dear friend Hooter, whom I have talked about before. He has always called our chickens horses. I am so slow. Hooter had driven passed a swap meet, and stopped to take a look. He spotted the birds, and bought all the hens the guy had, then promptly brought them to our homestead. I simply adore him, just wish he had been sense when it came to the woman he dates.

Right now I am sitting in my broken truck, borrowing my neighbors wifi. When I tried to get wifi, I was told by AT&T that no one lived out here, the federal government also informed me that no one was here, and when both of them o all existential on you, you start to wonder, do I really exist. Any how, it is pouring. I don't have a modem to use dial up, so will be canceling that and trying to get a wifi service at the same time. It might be a while before I am back to posting regularly, and never before the earth warms up a bit.


Zan Asha said...

Ha! I love the story! I was really waiting to figure out how the hell someone gets horses into a kitchen!

HermitJim said...

You had me going for a minute there, girl! That's why it's always fun to come over to your house for a visit!

I do hope that you get approval from the PTB to actually exist and get WIFI...

Anonymous said...

There are always fun things happening at your house! =) It is sad and good that the govt doesnt think/know your there! Good luck with the wifi.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

it is nice to see you back. I would be glad the Gov't doesn't think I exist.

FancyHorse said...

Too weird! You don't exist.
There are seven horses in your tiny kitchen.
Chickens are horses.
What next? I will be glad to see you again when you decide to exist! LOL

SkippyMom said...

Jeesh, just because the powers that be won't give you wifi because you "don't exist" doesn't mean you don't...a luxury, is a luxury, is a luxury...sorry you can't get dial up [or any connection] right now.

It will get better [in terms of internet] and as much as all your readers miss you I am sure that it will be fine until you get back to existing. As much as you want to be off the grid you sure do get cranky when it comes to not having the 'net :D

Take care and hang in there. The census is coming soon. Then you can make youself "exist".

silverhartgirl said...

That is funny. I was wondering, How big is her kitchen?

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