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Monday, October 12, 2009

Some day we will take the body parts, and place them on the wall

Guess what I'm listening to this morning.

My dear dear Meadowlark, asked me once if I ever felt like a hypocrite. At the time I said no (and no, I never took offense to the question). But now, well, over the past year it feels as though everything I touch turns to bull dung.

How bad can one gal feel? The other night I watched the local weather, and it said that the overnight low was to be 51F. But when I woke in the morning, it was 35F. All but two of those wonderful horses that Hooter brought us, were dead. I haven't told him yet. I feel more then just a little awful that I didn't have a heat lamp out. But it wasn't suppose to get so cold.

Our hay man's wife died earlier this week. She wasn't yet 50, and died from liver failure. She was an alcoholic. She has a son the same age as Large, and a 16 year old.

Hooter works for the same company that husband was laid off from, he has been on furlough for the last 2 months. The company said it would only be 1 month, and now Hooter says that they might now go back to work until Feb. This isn't good. Hooter will not be able to afford his home much longer. But all this brings me to a mechanic that works at the same company. Husband and him have been friends for almost 10 years. Husband got this friend his job at the company. But the phone call came last night, he is down to 4 day work days, and the credit for the company has dried up. They can't even keep oil in stock. But there is a backer for this mechanic and my husband. They will be opening their own shop, while both still have their current jobs, that will be open only on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, the days they don't work. There should be plenty of business, as older, fully paid for bikes are on the rise, and good mechanics are getting harder to find. I will stay far away from this so that it doesn't fall apart.


Anonymous said...

Lady, it ain't your fault. Call it the economy or just the way things are, you can feel bad about it without claiming it as your own. It ain't your doings. Ok, you lost some chickens because you believed the weatherman. Lessons learned. Hooter (Hotter) will understand and you can get more chickens.
How the heck can you be a hypocrite? You are living the life aren't you? You stub you toe and fall down. So get up and dust yourself off and continue on.
You didn't "make" that woman be an alcoholic. You can feel bad FOR her and her family but you didn't have anything to do with it.
Companies fold, lose credit, etc. all the time. Support your husband and Hooter in the new endeavor and hope it all works out, meanwhile...
"buck up, buttercup" and "cowgirl up".

Phelan said...

oops, I misspoke somewhere. I feel bad she died, but don't plan myself. I am not surprised that the company is failing. We knew it wouldn't survive a long while back because of the BS happening internally. I feel bad for Hooter, but not my fault. There is other things happening besides the chicken thing that makes life feel like I am mucking it all up. Just didn't mention it for now.

Thanks Jim.

Meadowlark said...

Sounds like lots of weight hanging around your head, but shake your shoulders, let it go and "continue to march towards the sound of battle". Not sure how that's relevant, but Marine Corps quotes always remind me that I can overcome just about anything.

Peace to you, my friend.
And maybe a little extra. Sounds like you could use it.

PS... everybody else, the "hypocrite" comment was a global question, not a pointed one.

Martha Ann said...

YeOldFurt and Meadowlark are right: It's not you, it's the incredibly sucky times we're living in right now.

Financially, my nose is right at the drowning line so I need all the "buck up" and "march towards the sound of battle" that I can get.

Thanks for the advice amigos.

Martha Ann

Art Blomquist said...

Hang in. Breath. The only thing that seems to work when the world looks like a bag of crap is to count our blessings. Even tho that can take a bit of looking.

It's just my ego that wants me to be like Sisyphus.

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