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Friday, September 25, 2009

Garage sale burn out

I am in the city at my mother's place having a garage sale. I am tired, seems to be more work than the homestead.

You should see Winston, his little horns are starting to come in, and he is turning the incredible rust color, except he has a black muzzle and goggles.

Lots of things going on and changing right now. Our horse neighbor will be buying our homesteading and we will moving to the farm hopefully sooner rather than later. (with no more bills, I can get a laptop and talk to everyone again.)

I must say I miss adults. Even if I don't actually hear any of you, I miss reading what you have to tell me.

Mrs. Fuzzy, Congrats of the first place!

So tell, me. What have you been up to.


Yart said...

We miss you too! Congrats on the sale of your place... Lots of changes coming your way. Keeping you in my thoughts that all goes well and you get back on the puter soon.

Stephanie said...

You have been missed! Congrats on the sale and moving! My husband did get called back to work. We are getting a new roommate here today, she's moving from Kentucky. The garden was a failure this summer and I am in the proccess of taking most of it down and getting it ready for next season. I am grateful that such a fail only hurts my pocket and my pride.

Wendy said...

I hear you on the garage sale. I've had one yardsale in the twelve years I've lived here. It was enough ;).

Nothing much new here. The garden is still hanging on, and I've "put up" more food than I ever had before. So far, it's been a pretty good year here in the extreme northeast ;).

Good luck on the farm sale. I hope it happens very soon so that you can get back to giving us your great advice, wisdom, and insight ;).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale and good luck moving! We have missed you. =) Cannot wait to have you online again.

Issa said...

Garage sales really can be a lot of work. The last time I did one, I basically just tossed stuff in the driveway and let people pay what they wanted to, just to avoid all the hassle of prep and thinking about prices. Now it's just two weeks till I move to my new homestead. I'm busy reading up on various gardening and animal-raising topics and all the homesteading blogs I can get my eyes on!

Art Blomquist said...

Hope all goes well for you. Garage sales are harder work than getting a sustenance farm going. And not near as much fun. Hope the computer thing gets worked out. I have several older laptops( with Linux ) on them,That work just fine for blogging and writing and surfing the net. The problem would be getting them to you across the great divide.

ChicagoMike said...

SO glad to hear from you and that you are getting ready for the big move.

With Best Regards, and Hopes of Posts Future,


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Hooray on getting to the farm sooner! I gave up having garage sales when we moved here because the town is tiny and you can't get rid of much. Not to mention they are so much work! Now I just give away all I can and then send the rest to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Hey, do you know anything about female ducks humping? Crass, I know, but we are trying to figure out if we have a male in the flock. The humping and a couple of other things have us wondering! We are getting about 10 eggs a day from them now.

Phelan said...

Thanks guys.

Jennifer, you might want to paint the toe nail of the one doing all the humping, and see if it is the only one doing it. If so, probably a boy. You can always look down there. Flip it upside down, spread the vent and pop it out, if you see something like a shriveled old carrot poking out, 'tis a boy my dear. If not it could be a dominate thing.

Anonymous said...

"the force" is really with you if you sold anything in today's market. Some people really enjoy that yard sale stuff, others really need the money- for me- I'd rather freecycle my old stuff but still buy at yard sales. So I'm glad some people take the time to do it just so I can attend. I have been amazed how much money I make every time I have one. I've also been really amazed at what some people will buy (what comes to mind was a stripper that bought a large amount of my used lingerie- I used to work for Fredricks of Hollywood...) Anyway- much luck and hope you are back in the saddle soon.

Robbyn said...

So glad you're nearer your big move!

The only update around here is that we've managed to pay off some bills, Jack's at present on a regular schedule with set hours instead of on call and feast or famine. And we have four vacant res lots for sale and have had some near misses, so we are still holding our breath that a sale will actually go all the way through at some point...would really help. Oh, and we got a dog, an Aussie from a rescue shelter, and love love love him!

I somehow managed to injure my hand/wrist and my head all in the same 24 hours, but both are slowly doing better.

So good to hear how you're doing. Boy have I ever done yard sales in the past...right up there on my list with Moving, which I'm also experienced with and just never quite love :) Be well!

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