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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The rooster isn't in the hen house.

My oh my, what an August it has turned out to be! It has yet to reach the traditional 120F mark with 100% humidity and no rain. Instead it is in the mid 70's, my house if wide open and canning hasn't turned my house into a sauna. The rain has been plentiful, enough to keep us from watering the garden and not so much that the garden is flooded. The grass is lush, unlike the normal dry and brown, with a smattering of prairie fires. The cows are loving it. The Ladies, minus babies, are grazing my front yard as we speak. We have only mowed twice this year, and the was the ditch next to the road, we mow good neighbors and horse neighbors as well as our own. But they both have been on top of it this year, mowing ours as well. It's nice to know neighbors at times.

I had a dream the another night that a neighbor had come to my house and chewed me out for my cattle. In reality she has complained that they have woken her up at night. How did she know they were mine? She has cattle in the fields behind her (not her field, not her cattle). There are more in the neighboring fields as well, but I guess she knows the sound of my cattle really well. They have never woken me up and they stand right outside my bedroom window. Sammy is another story, she will stuck her head into the window, and whinny. Scared the begeebers out of me the first tie she did it. Speaking of Sammy, I discovered that she is terrified of thunder. I was standing on the back porch yesterday, when thunder shook the ground. Sammy tucked her tail between her legs and bee lined it to the barn. Most the time she will just stand out in the rain looking miserable.

Small is turning out to be the best herding dog I have ever had ~giggle~. That boy has those cows wrapped around his stern little finger. He helped me round them up last night before and during a storm. No they didn't get out, I am just keeping them in the back pastures at night now.

Would somebody please explain to this rooster that he doesn't belong in the mud room?
edited to add, it smells like someone is burning a marijuana crop. hhmmm. . . think I need to do some outside chores for a while ~wink~


Humble wife said...

You crack me up!

Deep shallow breaths???Kidding, really!

New Mexico Prepper

Donna said...

The only time Bonnie would wake people up is when I've put her calf up all night so I can have some milk. Then she actually DOES wake me up!

I wonder what that dream signifies, anyway? Afraid you're going to be run out of the county for having farm animals?

Bent Birch said...

That is one handsome rooster! What type is he?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest doing outside chores during marijuana crop burnings :D

Kentucky Preppers Network

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I have a goat that always checks my door to make sure it's properly latched. I've found her in the house on more than one occasion. So why not a rooster? Too funny.

Phelan said...

Bent, I was told he was a polish when I got him. Bt I can't find his coloring in any of the pics of a polish that I have seen. I am wondering if he might be a mixed breed. He is the most docile rooster we have ever had. Small, my 5 year old, carries him around, and the polish will sit on his shoulder like a parrot.

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

What a hoot! I'm looking forward to smelling my first 'burn'... we certainly have half the nation's narc helicopters flying over my county!

Your Small sure sounds like a neat kid!

Diane said... chickens walks in thru my front door when they want to be let back in the pen. Funny they can be!

jules said...

Have you seen the email with the pics of the elephants that stroll through the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia? It's an email going around. They built the Lodge on the trail the elephants use to get to their favorite mango grove. So instead of going around, they just stroll through the Lodge. There is 10 of them, headed by Wonky Tusk, the elder. If I could, I'd forward it to you.

Diane probably would be happy knowing that she only has chickens strolling through the house!

sniff ooo that smell. Can't you smell that smell?

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