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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rainy Day Hick

Wonder if it will rain today? That was my question as Large and I headed into town. Looked like a storm was brewing far south of us, but we were suppose to be in the clear. My fields and garden however could really use the rain.

I canned, 6 pints of sliced dill pickles, 3 of the pint jars broke as soon as they hit the hot water bath, but I was able to save almost a quart of those. While that was going, husband waled into the house and asked me to head out with them. Husband and good neighbor where off to get a bale for our cattle. I went with, riding in the back because country men aren't always gentlemen, and there just wasn't the room in front. Which is fine, I don't mind a jaunty little ride in the country in the back of a loud pick up truck. It was the lightening and the looming black clouds that I was hesitant about.

We managed to push the large bale, up and over, and into the bed. I hoped back in with the bale, and we headed home, just as the huge cold, white rain drops began to fall. Good neighbor rolled down the window to tell me he had to run into town. Hahaha good one. We rolled back into our field, just has it began to really come down. Sammy was standing out front, looking miserable, yet not moving to get out of it. The cows could care less. By the time we got the bale out, let good neighbor out, and made it back to the house, we were soaked to the bone and chilled. We turned to the local weather and saw a huge blob of red over us, warning of hail and 60mph winds scrawling across the screen. Lighting was out in full force, thunder shaking the house and hurting the little ones ears.

I managed to can 5 1/2 pints of Salsa during all of this. Not losing a single jar this time. Dinner and a game of monopoly then bed. Only to wake this morning without any water.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you had an interesting day, for sure!

No water? That's a bummer...was it the pump? Hopefully you'll be back on the water barrel soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad the storm wasn't any worse than it was.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

The ball book of complete canning says to heat the jars (submerged or partially submerged depending on size) in the canning water and take them out, fill them and put them back in. If you are putting hot canning stuff into hot jars it won't crack. The heating water sterlizes the jars and keeps them warm at the same time.



Phelan said...

Susan, truthfully you will break, crack, explode canning jars throughout your canning life. No matter what you do. Older jars, ones that get used repeatedly, will eventually fail you. Many of my jars have gone through almost 10 canning seasons.

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