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Friday, August 21, 2009

I would NEVER Blackmail you

It is amazingly quiet here this morning. I only here a rooster, that pack of dogs are oddly silent. I am also on day 3 of a migraine. Hopefully it is that last day.

My little brother is moving, he is staying in Kansas, but it is a few hours away. We will be saying farewell to him tonight.

I caught husband watching little House on the Prairie. And he was smiling. It was the Halloween episode where Laura thinks she sees Mr. Olson cut Mrs. Olson's head off and Nelly plays a trick on her. Yeah, you know the one I;m talking about, don't deny it. It was cute watching him, watch the program. I really don't think he saw it much when he was growing up. He didn't have a stable place to live. Anyway, in this episode, Pa tries to hug Ma, and she squeals away because he was all muddy. Of course this is when I said, she, Ma Ingalls doesn't like it either! Now you can't get on my when I am being a Wuss, and ask If I am a Pioneer woman. My customer broke out and informed husband that you don't mess with Ma Ingalls.

And everything tastes like cucumber this morning.


Issa said...

Aww. I love reminders of Little House and catching it on TV now and then. It's so silly the way it's still a lot of fun to watch as an adult. :-)

HermitJim said...

Sometimes the toughest of guys can accidently show their softest side!

Thanks for the insight!

abbagirl74 said...

I still watch Little House on the Prairie. I still have all of the books. Once in about every five years, I dig them out and read them all over again. I can't get enough of it. I loved watching it as a kid and wished that I could live like Laura Ingalls. I remember the Halloween episode. It's one of my favorites.

Haven't commented in awhile. Hope you are doing well.

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