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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What to do? What to do?

Now is the time you should be chatting me up.

I have two more prizes to give away and 1 more drawing to do in the morning. The drawing would be for the pledging of $5 to win the $100 gift certificate to Outer Sports.

My backdoor is open and I am listening to the drag races a few miles away. Why yes it is 130am.

You have 30 minutes or 2am central time to answer all the trivia questions before I tally up and declare a winner.

Did you all leave me already? ah well, that's ok.

Dr husband says I bruised my Trapezius Muscle. Sometimes I find it annoying to live with a well educated man, but I still run circles around him when it comes to lit.!


Julie said...

Ooooh! I worked out my traps on Friday, such a bad muscle to have sore.

Or at least the trainer guy said it was my traps, but I pretty much believe whatever he tells me, he's probably making stuff up half the time. *sigh*

Marina said...

I'm still here... hard to get to sleep before girl's first waking.

Linda said...

I'm sort of here. Just finished watching 'Stranger than Fiction'--a really cool movie. Good luck with the rest of it. :)

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