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Monday, July 27, 2009

It feels like a hangover

Man oh man, I am sore. In case some of you missed it, Sammy pushed me over Donkey, and I bruised a muscle in my back, the cows escaped and I had to chase them all over tenbucktwo, all while blogging for 24 hours straight. I am a little sore.

I got just shy of 4 hours sleep on Sunday, then milked and pulled a truck engine out. Then Undies jumped the fence and was in the garden, so i had to wrangle him out. i passed out a little early, and kept having nightmares. Wonderful.

Julie, congrats! You got the tie breaking question correct. Send me your shipping info for the stun gun.

The thinker, gum was a good answer, but it was Echo that I was looking for.

Thanks to the game Dirty Minds for the riddles. (In cause you go looking for the trivia questions, I put them back in draft because they are naughty)

Now I have to get back to life here. I will see you tomorrow. Canning season has begun!


The Thinker said...

echo! huh! I never woulda guessed that in a hundred years. I was well and truly stumped!

Gratz to Julie! Well played!

Anonymous said...

I go on vacation and the one chance I get to check in I discover you had a quiz with a prize package of a STUN GUN?

I seriously shouldn't leave town. :)

Nice job Julie.

Linda said...

Hi Phelan! I have a contact form on and if you've lost my email. My address book went belly up a few weeks ago and I haven't restored it yet. But anyway, where do I send the book and to whom should it be signed?

Let me know. (Or, email is linda@ those domains.)

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