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Saturday, July 25, 2009

CONTEST! Prize? yep there is one

Show me your best Warning sign. Go here>>> and create one.

Unfortunately blogger won't allow you to use image script on replies, so post in on your blog and leave a link in comments, or email it to me if you want for you chance to win "A Little Twist of Texas."

I will leave this open until 10pm central time, 3 hours from this post.


Kelly or Alex said...

Ok, I made my sign. Keep up the blogging. Are you working your fingers to the bone? Any blisters yet? Have Small make you a PB&J. It will hole you over till hubby gets home. Dont eat the roo!

Marina said...

OK, here's mine:

Wren said...

Here's mine. I apologize for the lameness. I gardened all morning, and after digging a whole new flower bed, transplanting a ton of monkey grass (and you still can't miss it from the original bed), pounding in new edging to control said monkey grass, and hauling a bunch of mulch, I threw my back out when I knocked over a bottle of water and tried to grab it.

Getting old!! Not for sissies!! Oh, that would have made a better sign!!!

Oh, and I don't need the book. I already have a copy.

The Thinker said...

Here mine is

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