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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ticks! Every where these tiny tiny ticks. It is enough to make one go mad.

We headed out to the farmstead yesterday. Took a few tools, but mainly we needed to look over the damage to the corral's. Husband and I spent a very long time clearing small trees and grandaddy poison ivy from around the stables.

Husband thinks a floor jack can be used to lift then swing the stable back onto it's stone foundation. One side of the stable has collapsed, so we are thinking about just taking that part down. The sides look like the were once a wooden railroad car, with a single long bolt running the entire length, tieing the entire thing together. But we think it can be saved.

We then worked on clearing out some of the taller stalky weeds from the graving area and the run. There is a fenced in path way the leads from the coral's to the back 47 acres just for cattle. Unfortunate the trees have grown through the barbed wire, and well, it is simply a mess.

We spent 5 hours doing this. Still feels like nothing was accomplished.

I was proud of my boys, they worked so hard without complaining for about 3 hours, not straight mind you, just in total. Small loved using the machete, well they all loved that part.

We are having a slight problem with husband's parents. They think we are throwing everything away by moving out there. They say there isn't opportunities for us out there, because we are in the middle of nowhere. Actually that isn't completely true we are about 30 minutes from several larger towns. Yes, nothing the size of Wichita, but still, there is work. They want us to stay at the homestead, decrease the cows, and keep struggling alone. The only feasible way we could stay here is to stop using propane, and for my husband to move in with a friend closer to work. It takes my husband 40 minutes to get to work currently, and propane heats everything, from water to food to air. It would be the basic same thing out there that it would be here, only we can grow and prosper and we will have no mortgage, no utility bills, no rent. The only thing we will be paying for is our own food, and hopefully that cost will decrease.

They also think that our boys will hate it out there. But we have already had the chat. Large knows what's up, and is fine with it. And I watched the boys yesterday, they seem very happy about it. Of course there will be times they hate it, they hate living here sometimes. That' s just the way kids are.

We were hot and tired, so we headed home. Just as soon as we walked in the door, the weather radio is going off. Looks like we left just in time, there were tornadoes at the farm! Tornadoes were popping up all over the state last night. We had some strong winds (hurricane cat. 1) and some hail and heavy rain. Nothing to be worried about. We lost power sometime last night, but by then we were already asleep.


Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived home safely!

small farm girl said...

Don't worry what other people think. Do what's best for you. There is nothing that feels better than working hard for a goal. And, your goal is a good one.

HermitJim said...

Working hard on your own dream is a different tired than working hard for someone elses' dream.

Stay the course, my friend. In my opinion, you are on the right track!

FancyHorse said...

You and your husband know what your family needs better than anyone else does.

Anonymous said...

I hate ticks. They just gross me out!

It sounds like you have done the math and this is a win/win situation for you. You know your family and what they are willing to do...your parents just want what is best for you. They are operating from a different place. You have to trust yourself.


April Bourgois said...

Ticks must die! If I lived in Kansas I'd order some guineas and share them with you. (I hear the meat is good too.)

I hope your in-laws understand there is a point after which they don't have a say in what you do... and that they've passed that point! It's generally known as when they're not bankrolling you and/or after they've said their piece **once.**

Farmstead sounds wonderful especially in this economy!

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Aren't husband's parents a pain?

In my case 18 years ago my husband and I moved a couple of hours drive away. We lived in one place for 15 months before moving to a town a little closer. I loved the second place much better than the first, but unknown to me husband's mother was working on him as to how unhappy I was there. She talked him into moving back to house sit for his sister so back we came. And no we've not gone back.

She hated the fact we were so far away even though we made sure we visited every couple of weeks. We now live about 10 minutes apart and it can be months between visits.

Stick to your guns, live your life the way you want to, not how others think you should.

Hickchick said...

I watch my girls at our 'future home' running, climbing trees, doing chicken chores. They love it! I have been feeling torn-stay in town with the status quo, or take a chance with a move to the sticks. It's the boonies for us You're doing the right thing and you know it! Kris

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