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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing a childhood

Kind of an odd way to have a joyful morning, my oldest son and I have VH1 on. Of course everyone knows that Micheal Jackson died last night. Large knows who he is, kind of hard not to know who the man was even if he hasn't produced an album for years. But I was changing the channel from the morning cartoons to the news, when I saw the opening to "Thriller." I stopped. "Thriller" was the first record I ever bought with my own money. I think I was 7 years old. And I would play it on my brown pitiful portable picnic player (nod to Clockwork Orange fans). I just sat there smiling, remembering playing the song, listening to Vincent Prices narration over and over (I was and still am a huge Vincent Price fan) and telling Large about it. He sat there smiling to, probably thinking what a loser his mother was. But it has been a pleasant morning with Large and I. This is rare as he gets older and more defiant towards me. But as I sit here, I could yell out the name of the song as it came on, before the words came on the screen. Another interesting moment, since MTV and VH1 don't seem to play music anymore, Large said "this song is called Micheal." I giggled, "No, the first line is the name of the artist, then the song's title,. . ." had to explain how it worked. It has been nice though, sharing my childhood with my child.

Of course my choice in music now-a-days is what Medium calls the devil's music. He's a sweet boy.

I wasn't up for talking yesterday, in case you missed me. Just some stress, and heat getting to me. 102f and still haven't turned the air conditioning on yet. It's ok until about 3pm, then the humidity starts to wear on you and you get sleepy. About 7pm however it starts cooling off and I can get back outside and get some more work done.

I am really looking forward to 4th of July. Been planning out the menu, well our part of it, my guest bring the side dishes and we supply the meat, bread and desserts. Large will turn 2 on the 7th. We are looking forward to that as well.

Today, more gardening, milking and general animal care.


Laurie said...

I watched the video Thriller recently and remembered why it was considered the best music video ever made.

Donna. W said...

So, Large and I share a birthday!

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