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Monday, June 22, 2009

The first day of Summer 2009

The first day of summer went by without a hitch. It arrived on time and over stayed it's welcome. It wasn't until around 3pm, that I finally had to ask it to leave, it didn't take the hint. Large informed me that the air was fluffy, like you could grab hold of it. That was the humidity he was talking about.

Uma, our oldest calf, isn't being very living right now. She seems to be very uncomfortable. I watched her in the pen yesterday. She would lay down, stand up and pace. Every one else was just standing there, seemingly annoyed by her. I went to scratch her and she shook at me like she had a pair, of horns that is. She just wasn't in the mood for lovin'. I think that baby should arrive pretty soon.

The garden is looking good. I have managed to stay on top of the weeds rather well so far. All the pumpkins I planted are coming in. I didn't expect that, but don't mind as long as some body fruits. here have been times were I got flowers but no pumpkin. Hopefully the bees will help with this problem. I had to replant cucumbers. I still have time for that. I was harped on fr it being so late, but I have until mid-July to get some things in and still be able to harvest before frost. No worries there.

We are planning a rather large Fourth of July bash. It will be our last one on the homestead. I figured we should enjoy it.


HermitJim said...

I like that description of the air "fluffy"...nice way to talk about humidity!

Good news about the garden, for sure!

Have to make the upcoming celebration a special one! I'm wishing you some good weather for it!

Michelle said...

You can hand-pollinate your pumpkins VERY easily - use a little paintbrush (like you'd get with a child's watercolor set) or even a Q-tip. Brush up against the pollen, then smear it onto the (oh, rats - is it the pistil or the stamen?) female part of the flower. On the female flower, that is - the one with the little bump behind the blossom. I hope that's clear enough - I'm a bit sleepy.

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