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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe Just Happy

Husband and I put 90 squash/pumpkin plants in the ground yesterday. He did a lot of work, attempting to make a natural water shed and irrigation.

I looked at all those squash, and informed my husband we are going to need a larger garden to hold every thing I have started. He already has plans for a separate bean patch. I do hope every one like squash. Luckily they are versatile, you can make both sweet and savory entrees and desserts with them.

I was asked how many tomato plants I would be using this year. I don't know, I haven't counted them yet. But I will tell you as I get them in the ground.

The hog panel trellis was also asked about. Our panel is to short to bend. Right now they are straight. The beans will grow up and then we will add panels to the tops to allow them to crawl over and keep our lettuce and such shaded. After 2 moths, my lettuce seeds are just now sprouting. I was about to give up on them, and plant something else, but here they come It is a little late, but I do hope that shading them will keep them from bolting too soon.

Last night I went to a seminar for activism. It was more like an eighth grade civics class. I was unable to stay for the entire 5 hours as I was falling a sleep and passing notes to my mother. Not something you want to do when you are at a lecture. My mother wasn't sure how to leave without offending anyone. I told mom I would be happy to say "I am now making a graceful exit." She wouldn't let me. She just told one of the instructors that we couldn't stay. I will write about it more on the Kansas Preppers Network. One cool thing was that I met the founder of the Wichita Chapter of the 912ers. I was tired and anxious and a sag, I tend to speak without thinking it through. But I merely embarrassed myself, or actually it should have embarrassed me. But since I am uncouth in public, it didn't faze me.

One of the cows figured out how to open the feed bin. I was unable to get Murrial into the stanchion last night, I think she was a little full of her treat.


HermitJim said...

I see a LOT of squash in your future! Have to get creative with those recipes, my friend!

Glad the garden is coming along...

Donna. W said...

We've been eating leaf lettuce for quite a while now. Since snow and freezing temps don't hurt it, I plant lettuce in February.

I have a terrible time with squash bugs killing my cucumbers, squash and melon vines.

Jessica said...

I do love the mental images you paint ;)

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