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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't celebrate just yet

I discovered that 1 of my 3 boys is allergic to poison ivy. It took 24 hours to discover this fact, but my husband and small are both allergic. Medium, large and myself seem to be immune. When we arrived at the farm on Monday, my mother and a few of her friends where there. They had a blanket out, and my thinking was that they had already scoped out the area. We hunkered down and had lunch, soon husband walked over and informed us of the poison ivy. I felt stupid for not looking first, as I wasn't sure which of my boys had my skin and which ones have my husband's. We found out 24 hours later.

It was a pleasant day however. We planted blackberry bushes and raspberries. Discovered that they deer hadn't killed the fruit trees. We measured and sized up the area for the cattle, and figured out what we were doing with the lean-to's.

Husband and the boys went swimming in the stream. Husband showed everyone the work he had done on the windmill. It is working properly, we just need a link to complete it and we will have running water!

We discussed toilet facilities. Outhouse seems like the first logical step. We will move on from there.

My priorities are, solar shower, outhouse and cattle pens. Anything after that is a luxury in my eyes.

Husband and I took the back road out of the area. It is more like a private drive, than a maintained road. Grass grows in the center, the bridges had been flooded out, the concrete bottoming out the car at one point, but gorgoues. We would like to get in good with the neighbors and evntually purchase a few acres of it. It has a wonderful hill that would be perfect to dig a house into. But that is still a few years away.

For now we will work on the farmstead, and worry about the future of the homestead.

on a different note, it looks like the Blogathon will be back this year. Any one have plans on doing it?


HermitJim said...

Except for the poison ivy, it sounds like a really nice day!

I can almost see it in my minds eye just as you decribe it!

Michelle said...

What's a blogathon?

Phelan said...

The Blogathon is a 24 hour fundraiser for the charity of your choice. A bunch (I don't remember how many) bloggers all stay up and post every 30 minutes for a 24 hour period. Sponsors pledge either a straight pledge or by the hour, and once the blogger has completed their 24 hours, the sponsors are sent an email reminder to go to their bloggers choice of charities and donate their pledge. I raise money for Farm Aide every year, except last year because the creators of blogathon where unable to run it.

If it comes back again this year, officially, I will do it once again. Last time we got some great prizes to give away here for people that commented on the blogs, and for people that were up with me at 3am. If you click on the tag blogathon, it will bring up some of the posts from the previous times.

As soon as the website is back up and functioning I will be linking to it.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Have you tried Technu? You can get it at any pharmacy. If you're exposed to poison ivy you wash with it and it neutralizes the oils so you don't get a rash. Works great. Glad you had a good day.

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