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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If your seedlings are popping up then dying, make sure you check that they are not getting cooked. And make sure you are feeding them something.

If you plant 2-3 seeds per pot and they all pop up, don't yank them out. Instead remove them, still in the soil, from the container. Gently pat to crack the soil, and carefully separate the seedlings. replant in separate pots. Water well.

If sowing directly into the garden, you can eat most your sprouts when you thin (except anything in the nightshade group, like tomatoes)

It is storming here yet again.

Give your seeds at least a full week before giving up on them (if they don't sprout). Good fertile seeds usually only take 3 days to sprout, if cared for correctly.

Fish emulsion (for you that fish, guts) is a great general food source for your garden. So are the majority of your weeds. When weeding, throw them on top of your mulch in the garden. EXCEPT for morning glories. Make sure you take them far from your garden. Many of those vining weeds are trouble. They can sit dead on top of your soil until it rains, then it will re-root. Did you know that a morning glories root system can grow twenty feet in length before popping above ground?

If you have had problems in the past with transplanting, grow your seeds in peat pots. You never have to touch the roots. Make sure everything is watered well after placing them outside.

Before transplanting your plants outside, set them on your porch for a day, move them in at night, and repeat for a couple of days. Getting them use to being out.

If you smoke, wash hands well before handling seedlings.

Medium made us waffles for dinner last night.


HermitJim said...

Thanks for all the good tips for the garden this morning!

Waffles sound pretty good, I haven't had them in years!

Anonymous said...

Or...cut those seedlings. I don't always need 18 eggplants. So...I cut them down with scissors keeping the best in each pot. That way the little roots don't get hurt.
Also..another thought. Dying/rotting seedlings? Maybe they aren't getting enough light. Everyone always thinks water more/less if they die but sometimes it's not enough light which makes them susceptible to fungus (not visible to the naked eye) Too dry is usually the culprit though :-D
How's that cow--still cooking her calf?? I came here to find out so pardon me if I haven't read it yet.
Have a good one M.P.

Geoff said...

The cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls make an excellent alternative to peat pots for vegetables.

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Thanks for the tips, especially the morning glory one. My yard is getting over run with them, was just going to weed whack them down - your tip came in the knick of time

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Great post and wonderful seedling advice. :)


Billy said...

I am attempting another garden this year, except I have everything in individual large pots. It's just easier for me to maintain. Not much time to pull weeds and such.

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