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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok Boys and Girls, settle down

I was un-bandaging my ankle yesterday, and mentioned to my husband that I was tired of getting hurt. He then blurted out that Farmers were on the top ten list of America's deadliest jobs. That's nice to know.

Now that it is officially spring, many of us are getting itchy to get into the garden. Just hold your horses there kids. Make sure you know your local last frost date. But even that isn't always spot on. We had a late frost two years ago that destroyed all my peaches. Now is a good time for your cooler weather items.

I have, over the years, covered many different garden techniques and edibles. I will toss this out to you.

What do you want to learn about this week?


Shelley said...

I am apparently naive and would like to learn about how many bean bushes one would need to feed a family of 5. :)

Phelan said...

Well Shelly, it depends on a whole bunch of things. First, how much do you go through in a year? If you don't know, keep a journal of the foods you go through. Then there is the type of bean, how good your soil is and how the weather works for or against you. Typically, with green beans, I plant 25-50 seeds. Some years I get more than enough, other years I don't. Just make sure you plant a variety of things so that if one doesn't fruit as much as you need you have back-ups.

I know that isn't a straight answer, but there are so many variables when it comes to feeding your family.

HermitJim said...

Seems to me that a lot of times, folks just starting out have a tendency to plant more than they need. Things like tomatoes and beans can produce a LOT of food, if the conditions are right. Same with peppers and such...

Just my 2 cents!

JLB said...

If there anything that can be planted successfully before the last frost date and still do good (outside not in)

CatHerder said...

any tips on container gardening (berries specifically)...our mighty oaks are giving our garden area too much shade the last couple years..and i hate to trim them its a great natural air conditioner.

Melonie said...

Any tips for gardening in a subtropical environment - especially come typhoon season? I really want to put in a garden with this whole full-year growing season thing (WEE! exciting!) but then people tell me "the typhoons kill everything" and I go "why bother?" I'm trying to figure out what will be hardy enough. I can't imagine the locals actually stop planting come May! Any thoughts?

Phelan said...

HJim, it never hurts to plant too much. I never seem to plant enough for everything I want to can. You can sell or can your extras.

JLB, sure, all your leafy greens (lettuce, kale, spinach) potatoes (not sweet) peas, and your cabbage family. Just cover any of your seedlings if their is to be a hard frost in your area.

Catherder, Berries like acidic soil. Buy a low laying bush variety. Most berry plants like full sun, and lots of moisture, just don't allow the water to stand. The tags or paper will say how big the plant will be at maturity, you will want a container that is not too deep, as roots tend to be shallow, and twice as large as the plant is full grown. Keep the kitties out of it. Mine like the coolness of the soil and will kill the plants.

For your shaded garden, there are lots of plants that prefer filtered sunlight, cabbages, leafy greens, carrots, peas and some cucumbers.

Melonie, We have flooding and tornadoes here, not typhoons. My Aunt that lives in Hurricane areas has tomatoes that grow year round, and grows somethings in pots. I went and did a nit of research, and there really isn't that much info on the subject. I did find on article on food grown in Thailand, it might give you a little clue on what foods grow ok during that time. Looks like leafy greens and container gardening.

Good luck!

April said...

You can never plant too many tomato plants.

I hope your ankle heals quickly. If you can you should buy one of those sports ankle braces to wear, they are wonderful and you can get back to work much sooner. You should wear it for at least 6 weeks while your ankle heals. My daughter has hurt her ankle more times than I can remember, so we have all the braces and physical therapy bands to do stretching and blah, blah, blah....I'm a sprained ankle expert.

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