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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am only partly def, or should that be Deaf?

oh please, please don't make me explain the word Def. I feel old enough as it is.

I have a nasty ear infection. Haven't had once since my swim team days. Forgotten how bad they can be. I keep thinking I am yelling at people, turns out I am mumbling. My voice echos in my head, my breathing echos in my head.

Oh just suck it up and deal.

We are getting ready for my husband's birthday party this weekend. We will be eating those yummy looking pork ribs. I am just amazed at how old my ol' man has gotten. 37. He's a bit older then me, but it strikes me as odd. Probably because we have been together for 13 years. He still looks good though.

Here he is showing off his muscles for all the ladies.

Monday he met my mom and I out at the farm after getting Small on the bus. He was climbing up trees, playing Tarzan in the rain. And then he complains he has the body of an 80 year old man. But then he will tell anyone that will listen that he "wakes up pretty".

He got the windmill drawing water, but we need one wooden link, and to straighten it up and the farmstead will have a working windmill. My mother and I pulled up the carpet tacks, and rescued the jars from the smoke house. I think we got a total of 540 jars. Not enough.

As mom says, we work all day and it seems little gets accomplished.

(sorry about the jumping subjects, I must be having one of those days)


ChristyACB said...

He sure is cute! I'm not saying that in a weird way, just a congrats to you kind of way :)

540 jars...heaven!

Anonymous said...

37???? I'd kill to be 37 again!! That's over 20 years ago by my timeline. Enjoy it while you can, it goes so fast.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Hey, love your blog! If you feel old, then I'm ancient. Mike and I have been married 25yrs. on the 17th. of this month.

Relay our birthday wishes from Montana to your Dh.

The Thinker said...

Ooo, wee! Biceps like that give me goosebumps. ;)

Your farmstead adventure sounds like so much fun, and so much work! I know I'm going to enjoy reading about it.

The Fool said...

I guess I'm too old, you tyke...please explain def.

HermitJim said...

Glad to see that DH is getting more mature, and not older! Besides...37 to me isn't old! I think I have a shirt that old, since I'm in my 60's!

Hey, you "youngsters" have a really good day...and tell DH Happy Birthday from old Hermitjim!

Anonymous said...

On the ear infection. Take a orange/black pekoe tea bag. Moisten it in boiling hot water to activate the herbs. Let it cool and wrap it in a wash cloth. Apply it to your ear for ten minutes. It gives great relief. What is up with this? You are there and I am here and we have ear infections this past week and you have ear infections. Um...this is a well traveled bug. I feel on the verge of death with a nasty chest cold. Hope all is well otherwise there!

Anonymous said...

Phelan, I worked for an ENT for 6 years. He was a straight western medicine type, but there was one simple thing he recommended for ear infections. Warmed olive oil, poured into the ear. Of course, when he said "poured," he only meant a few drops. He said it was very soothing for pain, and the oil has slight antibacterial properties, which never hurts. Just make sure the oil is *warm* and not *hot*. You know, the baby bottle, inside of the wrist thing.

You don't mention exactly where this infection is. I don't know if this will do much good for an middle ear infection (i.e. behind the eardrum). But not many adults get those, so I'm guessing you've got one in the outer ear.

Anonymous said...

Tell'em I said "Hubba, hubba!" and "Happy Almost Birthday!"

Zan Asha said...

Haha, Phelan, so you think "old" is around 37 but you're old enough to have to explain "def" >:D


Tell hubby Happy Birthday!

Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

Good grief you're sure had your run of illness & mishaps lately. How's the ankle? I hope the weather warms up a bit for the party!

Gail said...

Hope you are feeling better. No time to be sick on a farm.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I've got kids older than that? So I guess that makes me ancient. You're both just young pups to me! Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope your ear infection clears up quickly so you can get back to enjoying life. -Sandy

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

I feel for you, I know what an ear infection feels like - no fun at all.

I wish your husband a Happy Birthday. If he keeps complaining that he has the body of an eighty year old maybe you should get him a walking frame for his birthday.

lisa said...

Hope your hubby enjoyed his birthday! They come at you faster every year, IMO. :)

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