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Friday, February 20, 2009

Well...I'm disappointed

I was hoping to be scared, I do love me a good horror show. Instead what we got from the Glenn Beck program was a dialog that is already happening in my community. No, I am not talking about the country Bumbkins only, but the city folk as well. The scenario's covered, they are mundane. The "Bubba Effect" . . . why I saw that happening a few years ago when I started fighting NAIS. The more government puts restraints on us, and the more they want us to share what is rightfully ours (example; The National Herd) the more people pull away from them.

I wanted to hear more from the military guys, they were leading to something interesting.


Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

I went to my folks house( 200 yrds behind our place) to watch, as we don't perscribe to cable TV. I've been trying to share the very same info viewed on todays program with my folk, extended family and friends and as Glenn said,
" Everyone thought I was a nutcase" It frustates me that my Dad will believe it if he sees it on TV, but wouldn't heed my warning for the last several yrs.

I too thought it was mild,and agree most of which he forecasted as worst case scenerios for 2014, well many of them are already on a full downhill roll, so to speak. I enjoy your blog and have you listed on my favorite blogs.

Phelan said...

Cable was a gift from a neighbor. it is all legal, just someone paid the bill for us. Not sure why.

Welcome to my world Kelle, I am glad you like it.

Celeste said...

I dson't have cable so I did not see it.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Sometimes people just amaze me. I have a client that was telling me during her last appointment how worried she is about her job, how horrible this stimulus package is, how her husband is starting to get ammo stocked up for his guns, and all the terrible things the government is doing and the freedoms that are being taken from Americans. I listened only so long before I said "Well, as I recall, you and your husband voted for Obama. You're getting just what you voted for". I know, I know, the customer is supposed to be always right but I just couldn't take it anymore. Apparently, she wasn't offended because she made another appointment. -Sandy

rachelbess said...

I didn't see it as I don't have cable. I expect I understand the gist of it as it sounds like it was what the homesteading community et al have been talking about for a long time. I really hate to see this politicized as right wing/left wing or rep/dem etc. If McCain had been elected there would have been a massive spending package as well, it would have come in tax cuts for wealthy and military spending is my guess, but either way that leads us down similar roads, and the NAIS B.S. is being pushed so hard by big farming that it too is beyond partisan. Just a bunch of greedy jerks. I guess my point is that the group of us that have seen this coming and have tried to do something about it at least in protecting our families from it are, like you said, across the spectrum politically. Many of us are doing it for ideological reasons, with completely diverse ideals and values in most other aspects, but our most important ones: our families' well-being as well as the future for them and others has all lead us to the same place. I'd hate to see us forget that.

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