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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The List

The Captain's Wife -Jennifer, suggested that I make out a list of things that we will need. This will benefit myself greatly, because I can glance at it. This list will be growing and subtracting continuously. Those of you that read on feeds might get the updated info automatically, at least that's how it use to work. I will place a link to this on my sidebar for easy access.

And it begins;

Rain gear sizes children 7 childrens 12 childrens 16 adults large
work gloves (preferably leather) toddler to adult sizes
Books on making farm devices (I have one need more)
Slip hooks
peeling spud
Muck boots size 9 1/2 woman's 7 1/2 wide men's
Bareback pads
Horse tack in general
stock trailer
rail road ties
canning jars/lids
harness for driving horses
yoke for cattle driving
Hand churner
upright churn/dasher
cheese cloth
wooden bushel baskets
Face masks children sizes as pictured here
Cast Iron Kettle/tri pod
Sausage stuffer (horn)
pig scraper
live traps
kill traps (for nasty critters)
metal wash basins
wringer washer
Books on leather working (not wallet or craft leathers)
reclaimed lumber
small hand auger (hand drill aka man-drill)
water barrels
garden hoses
storm windows
storm doors
windmill jack
grinding stone
bottles/canisters with toppers
wood burning stove
food grade barrels
A-Frame Plans by Ken Dixon #6202 offered by Lindsay Books


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

That is quite a list! Put me down for muck boots and some cheese cloth. :)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh, and I am sending you an email.

Anonymous said...

You might find some of this useful:
This sight has free plans on making useful things around the homestead.
Another useful thing in the garden is a small garden tractor. I have one of these and the some of the attachments that go with it.
It is a very handy tool and although they are no longer made today you can still find good used ones for sale on craigslist and ebay.

Phelan said...

Got the email Jennifer, thank you!

Farmer Mechanic, thank you for the links, I will check them out. I do have many hand and horse powered garden and field equipment, reason why they haven't been added to the list. The list will change and probably grow in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again!

HermitJim said...

Hwey Phelan...soundsa like quite a list...I'll keep my eyes peeloed for anything I can.

Good luck!

fullfreezer said...

I wish you lived closer to us. We have a cheese factory nearby that sells it's used food grade barrels (I think 55 gallon) for $5 each. I forget what was originally in them but it's something for cheese. It would probably cost more to ship them than they're worth. If there is a dairy/cheese factory anywhere in your area it might be worth giving them a call.

Thomas said...

Watch yourself with those kill traps. Using them might constitute "Trapping" requiring you to have a license, a .50 cal Hawken, a tomahawk and a beard.

Sersiouly though, you don't want to wind up with a ticket because you are "trapping" without a license.

Phelan said...

Thank you H. Jim

Fullfreezer thank you or the heads up

Thomas, don't know what my husband would think about my having a beard. I beilive the kill traps I have in mind fall under rodent control. But I will make certain.

American Way Farm said...

I noticed you have horses on the list. Is that the live, 4 legged kind or the kind you put lumber on for sawing? LOL I find a running list of things to do is the only way I get anything done. Lists are a wonderful thing. -Sandy

Phelan said...

Sandy, that would be live horses. We alreadt have a saw horse. :) Sunny, our horse, is getting up there in years.

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