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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Brand New Week

Our unicorn gave birth!

Picture 769

The same night that Sunny had to be put down, out milk goat Patch, gave birth.

Picture 772

awww bikers are such Teddy Bears.

Picture 773

I told my husband that these photos will go great with the shot of him blowing bubbles at a wedding. I got the look.

Why are we bottle feeding?

Because as my husband puts it "Patch is grass feeding."

Picture 770

We have to hold the teats up for the babies to find them. We are doing both. There is no fat on these three, so the more we can get into them the better. We are using mother's milk in the bottles.

Well, allow me to introduce you to our newest members.

This is Jack, the only boy.

Blue Eyed Betty

Sable, the smallest of the three

They are Nubian and Alpine mixed

Picture 776

We brought them in last night because patch broke the heat lamp, and with no fat on these little guys and it dropping well below freezing, we thought it best to bring them in.

A little happiness on the Neophyte Homestead.


Woolysheep said...

Congratulations!!!! They are so beautiful! Make sure and milk Mama goat often...those teats of hers looks so swollen it makes my boobs hurt.

....dancing a little Happy Dance for ya'll.... =)

Phelan said...

We are milking twice a day. Babies get first dibs, then we milk her out.
those teats of hers looks so swollen it makes my boobs hurt. Me too!

ChristyACB said...

They are fantastically gorgeous! Oh so adorable! We can't wait to have goats.

And I second Woolysheep, those teats look ouchie to me! She is sure producing.

Please keep us updated on the progress of the little ones. Watching them grow up through your posts will be a joy. :)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Congrats on the babies. They are so cute! :) My jaw dropped at her teats! Ouch! Definitely reminded me of my breast feeding days and the milk coming in. Granted, this is my first time seeing mommy goat teats. How big are they usually?

Yes, bikers are big teddy bears. Nothing makes me smile as much as seeing my tattoed bikerish hubby playing tea party or barbies with our youngest daughter or snuggling a tiny kitten or baby talking to the dogs. :) LOL

Phelan said...

Patch is a very well milked goat. She even scares herself sometimes, when they bounce off her legs. She is always this big, well every 12 hours she is. They hang low full or empty. We get a little over a gallon a milking.

HermitJim said...

Congrats on the new family additions...they are great looking!

Christine said...

YAY! Thanks for sharing the pics. I loved the biker jacket/bottle fed baby pic the best!

congrats. May they grow fat and healthy!

Yart said...

Awwww! They are so sweet. Congratulations on the newest addition to your homestead!!

And yes bikers do make the biggest teddies. I know I have one of my own also.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Baby Goats are the cutest things! we just disbudded our two Friday. It smelled. burning hair. yum.

Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

Awww, Jack looks like he has a heart on his face! They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your additions! I love the grass feeding comment though they look painful. *ouchies*

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! I had an alpine/Nubian mix that threw triplets every time. No problem nursing either. I did grain her though.

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, they are soooo cute!! Congratulations to you! (And Ow! Poor mama! I can sympathize!)

Judy T said...

Wow, triplets! Congratulations! I agree with all the above comments about Mama- OUCH!

Anonymous said...

such pretty babies! And that poor Mamma, will she bag down in a week or so?

Michelle said...

Man, I thought I got engorged after my second child was born! Yes, indeedy, keep her well-milked!

They're awfully sweet :) I'm looking forward to acquiring two goats this spring!

Country Girl said...

Congrats, they are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new additions! Are these pictures on flickr? (For some reason they aren't coming up for me.)

Robbyn said...

Congratulations...they're beautiful!

Dark Spice said...

Congrats! They're so cute!

And the We had milk goats for awhile (Franch Alpine/Saanen crosses) and none of our nannies had udders so full. Although I think our nannies only had twins and single births. No triplets. Or else very few.

Unknown said...

& I thoght demi's udder was big! Congratulations!

Question for your horsey neighbour ~ do horses get hiccups or diaphragm/tummy spasms? The reason I ask is because Rawnie Spangle was covered last May by the same stallion that failed the year before. I put my hand on her belly & it kicked me gently. She wasn't scanned & after being assured last year that she was expecting & she wasn't, I daren't get my hopes up. She looks large, but she is a large mare. I'm treating her as if she is in foal & will put the vet on standby in April.

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