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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another farm visit

A quick note about HR 45. It is NOT in the stimulus package. What is happening and where the confusion is coming from is the HR 45 will require you to submit your health records to the federal government. The stimulus bill or whatever they are now calling it has funding and requirements that all medical records must be computerized, giving easier access to umm. . . people. Gun rights activist feel that including this e-health bill in the stimulus is the first step in new gun control laws because of how HR45 is written.

Yesterday morning, my mother, my oldest son and I headed out to the farmstead. It was cooler than last time, no bees arrived on the scene. I scraped the 7 layers of paper off the wall reveling the plaster of Paris.
Picture 759
We donned masks an gloves Picture 760and pulled up the carpet in the bathroom
Picture 761
Picture 763

and dumped the jars of 10 year old food.
Picture 764
Makes you hungry doesn't it?
Picture 765
Actually the pickles and ham smelled ok, but the okra ~gag~.

And we swept and swept and swept. Mom cried "I got blisters on me fingers!"

The smell of bleach seems to have offended the raccoons and no new nest were discovered, thankfully.

Once I came home I took a shower and really wanted a nap. But no, we had to go get a couple of bales for the cattle. The second bale broke on the truck, so we left it up there. Not sure yet how we are going to store it as the first bale was already rolled out to them. Will problems never cease!?! I know they won't, but dramatic effect can be fun sometimes.

It took 2 1/2 hours to load these photos. I so hope you appreciate them.


Gail said...

Hard work! You will get there, sooner or later, but you will get it done.

Garden4Life said...

Wow, I do appreciate the time you took to upload these photos. The hard work will pay off for you!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I appreciate them too!! Wow...that place does need a lot of work. It is exciting to see it coming along. What happened to the people who lived there? They sure left a lot of food behind!

ChristyACB said...

I'm curious too. Who left all that food there? It sure looks like you got a bonanza of extra jars! Lucky you!

It is amazing that in the photo, it actually still looks okay.

Lots of work there, but very glad you sound like you're keeping your spirits up!

Phelan said...

Background. The farmstead in my mother's and her husband's place. Several years ago my mom was dignosed with Lupus. She became too sick to live so far out and had to move into town. My husband and I talked with them about us taking the farm over since no one was there. After a bit, they decided that since my mother was well enough, that we would all live out there. All those jars are what my mother and her mother canned back in 1999.

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

In the photo of the jars of food - what is that implement? It's green with a handle. Jar opener? Cherry pitter?

none said...

the green implement is to make homemade bullets.

fullfreezer said...

What a lot of work. I love the before and after pictures in the bathroom. It really makes it hit home what a mess it is. At least you have canning jars. I hope you dumped those jars far away from the house. Maybe the bees will like it.

Melonie said...

Ah, the explanation about HR 45 will hopefully narrow things down for folks. When I've come across the two I've tried to explain they are two different things - the problem is the e-health info. However, it looks like they passed "it" (the Stimulus Package) anyway - whether "we" (the taxpayers) wanted it or not. *sigh*

Well hopefully HR 45 will be shot down - pun intended. ;-) Last I read on a blog they were having a tough time getting co-sponsors....but the widget I've got on my blog is what I've been keeping a closer eye on.

I just learned about the Veterans Disarmament Act they passed last year.....I'll hold my tongue on that one for the moment. (Or would that be my keyboard? ha)

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