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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homestead Apprentice Wanted

The Neophyte Homestead is looking for a person in the Wichita Metro area that would be interested in learning how to care for and milk Dexter cattle. This is not a paying position, this is an apprenticeship. We are looking for someone to learn, and be able to milk and care for the cattle at times we are unable to do so, such as out of town business, usually weekends. In exchange I am willing to teach canning, gardening, animal husbandry and other basic homesteading skills.

Must be 18 years old.

Please email me if you are interested and we will set up at time for you to come out.

I feel pretty


Kella B said...

oh, oh, oh, pick me! pick me!
just kidding I live in Australia :(
man, i wish i was close by

Lacey said...

How I WISH I lived closer. I am so anxious to have my own dexters, what a great learning experience for someone... (Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine there would be a day where I would voluntarily want to milk someone else's cow)

Just trying to be green said...

Heh, if I were any where near you...I'd be very tempted. I miss my dexters.

Anonymous said...

OK so that makes me the 4th person who wishes I lived in KS.

I already know how to hand milk goats - are cows much different? Well, besides quantity - of milk and equipment ;)

Phelan said...

It would be great if someone local was as interested as you guys.

Bucolicambition, I am not sure if it is because my milk goat hangs so low, but milking a goat is different than I cow. With the cows I simply pinch off the top, pull down gently and squeeze. The goat I have to gather up, and squeeze. It actually seems more difficult. Not sure if it is also because I learned on a cow or what. My husband is in charge of the goat milking. He is better at it than I am.

Anonymous said...







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